Billionaire God of War Chapter 2305

Chapter 2305

Greedy Wolf’s eyes gave off a terrifying gleam. Anyone looking at him from the front would probably be frightened to death!

His eyes were simply too terrifying.

He actually had polycoria. He had two pupils in the same eye.

The movement of the two pupils would probably terrify most.

Greedy Wolf’s eyes swept over the boulders as if he could see through anything that was merely an illusion. All these attempts to fool his vision were useless to him.

He started walking, then stopped when he reached a fork. After analyzing each side carefully, he would make a decision.

After some time, he felt like he was able to see a broader view of things. He could sense that he was about to walk out of this boulder maze soon.

“Humph, Ethan will probably get stuck here,” said Greedy Wolf. “I’ll walk out first, then think of a way to look for him.”

If he didn’t still need Ethan for the rest of the journey, he would have been more than happy to let Ethan get trapped in this maze forever and die here.

After taking a few more turns, Greedy Wolf saw the forest in the distance. He had made it out of the maze.

The route he had taken earlier was the only correct one and he had memorized it. Even if he had to do it again, he would still be able to come out of it. The next thing he had to do was to find Ethan.

He would be doing Ethan a favor, and he was going to make sure Ethan repaid him for it.

Just when Greedy Wolf was about to re-enter the maze, he saw Ethan saunter right out with his hands folded behind his back.

He looked as though he was just taking a stroll in the park. He walked and looked around him, nodding from time to time and muttering to himself.

“You’re out?” Greedy Wolf looked surprised. He almost couldn’t believe it.

Ethan glanced at him. “Is it very hard to walk out of there?”

Greedy Wolf was stunned by this reaction. “That was a boulder maze formation. It’s not difficult for one to get stuck in there forever without coming out. How did you manage to get through it?”

“Then how did YOU get out?” asked Ethan in return.

Greedy Wolf stared straight at Ethan before scoffing. “I have my own means.”

“Same here. I’ve got my own means too.”

Greedy Wolf didn’t want to speak anymore.

He had underestimated Ethan. What was this man made of? He had been nearly swallowed whole by the black mist earlier, but managed to escape it anyway. And now, he had gotten through this boulder maze all by himself.

He didn’t think that Ethan shared the same gifting as he did, and could also see through illusions and break everything down to its fundamentals.

“Don’t look at me like that. If I hadn’t come out, you mean you were going to save me?” Ethan laughed cheekily.

“Dream on!” Greedy Wolf sneered. “If you’re dead, then nobody would fight with me for the Longevity Pond. You think I’d save you? HA!”

“We’ve already made it this far, so without you, I can still find the Longevity Pond. I don’t care if you’re dead or alive!”

Ethan didn’t say anything. His expression had changed dramatically.

Greedy Wolf’s expression changed too. He spun around to look around him before looking down at the ground that was slowly starting to tremble.

“Oh no!”

The boulders in the distance started moving and shaking wildly, like they had come alive!

“Let’s go!” roared Greedy Wolf.

But after he took that first step, he stopped and stood with his back facing Ethan’s back. He watched as the boulders came flying towards them from all directions.

“Looks like we can’t go anywhere now.”

Ethan’s expression was grim. He didn’t expect these boulders to be alive too. They were just as sentient as the black mist earlier. What was going on?

They were on the road to finding the Longevity Pond, so there was both life and death involved. Those who were once living had become non-living, while those that were supposed to be non-living things seemed to be alive. What on earth was happening?

“They’re coming!”

Ethan steeled himself and his expression grew solemn. A boulder was flying at high speed towards him, so he quickly shifted to one side to avoid it without using his fists.

The rock ended up crashing right through a Chinese fir tree, causing the huge tree to collapse.

More and more of them came hurtling towards him, blocking all of Ethan’s roads off!


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