Billionaire God of War Chapter 2308

Chapter 2308

Before they had even found the Longevity Pond, they had nearly lost their lives several times.

It was little wonder that even though so many people had spent their lives hunting down the Longevity Pond, they never got there. An ordinary person would have died so many times here.

Even though Ethan and Greedy Wolf were such powerful fighters in their own right and they had teamed up to use each other’s gifting to get all the way to this point, they had nearly died too.

“Let’s go.” Greedy Wolf didn’t have that much patience. He was afraid that more trouble would come if they didn’t leave quickly.

The most important thing now was to find the Longevity Pond as soon as possible. There was nothing more important than this now.

Ethan didn’t protest and followed behind Greedy Wolf.

He had used up a lot of energy and felt a little tired. The last two crises told Ethan clearly that the road ahead wasn’t going to be easy, and that more dangers were awaiting him.

He needed to find a way to restore his strength and energy.

Ethan looked up at Greedy Wolf. He was doing pretty well. Then again, the boulder formation earlier hadn’t done much to Greedy Wolf.

He really had no idea why that formation was targeted at himself. How strange. Could it be that he really had something special on himself like what Greedy Wolf suggested?

Ethan couldn’t think of what it could be.

But after going through all this, Greedy Wolf couldn’t hide the fact that he had an extra set of pupils, and Ethan’s level of knowledge on formation lines wasn’t a secret anymore either.

The two of them had revealed a little of their trump cards, and this could be a deciding factor in the final match.

The one thing they had in common was that they were on guard against each other at all times.

As they kept walking, their surroundings began to change again.

The mist around them slowly thickened and Ethan became wary.

“Is there any problem with this mist?”

Greedy Wolf shook his head as he walked in front. “I don’t feel any problem.”

He had already come into contact with the mist and didn’t feel that the mist was doing him any harm. On the contrary, he felt like breathing it in made him feel very comfortable and instantly refreshed him.

Ethan slowly breathed it in and felt all the tiredness his body felt disappear in an instant.

This was such a strange mist. Was this mist different from the one that carried death earlier? So this mist was filled with life energy instead?

“The mist is getting thicker.”

The dense mist made it hard to see more than five meters ahead. Ethan could barely make out Greedy Wolf’s back.

The swirling thick layer of mist made one feel as though you were walking in the clouds, and it seemed almost like you were flying.

“What’s that?” Greedy Wolf suddenly spoke up.

Ethan looked over and made out the shape of a large gate. It wasn’t easy to see it clearly. The city gates that stood as white as white jade seemed to be part of the mist. If Greedy Wolf didn’t have polycoria, there was no way he would have spotted it from this distance.

The two of them remained wary and didn’t dare to go too near.

There were traps lying in wait for them everywhere.

“It looks like a city gate,” remarked Ethan.

Greedy Wolf didn’t say anything and just slowly inched over. He made his second pupil reappear to be on the careful side.

They continued to draw near to the gate and made sure that there was nothing unusual happening around them. But the atmosphere of this place still made their hair stand on end.

The area around them was empty and expansive, as if they were the only two people in a vast field. The sheer emptiness of the place weighed a tremendous pressure on them.

As they drew near to the city gate, an authoritative pressure weighed even more heavily on them.

Greedy Wolf’s expression was grim as he walked in front. The city gate amidst the mist was left with only half of its original structure. The other half had already collapsed and fallen to one side. Even the stone pillar had been broken.

“It looks like a fierce battle occurred here.”

Even a stone pillar had been broken. There were also several bloodstains on the city gate.

Ethan stopped breathing for a moment as he looked at the bloodstains on the gate and his heart pounded wildly.


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