Billionaire God of War Chapter 2309

Chapter 2309

“That’s a lot of bloodstains,” Ethan said in shock. “What on earth is this place?”

From what he could see, this wasn’t a one sided killing but a ferocious battle between two sides. Ethan could imagine how a knife had slit another person’s throat, causing this amount of blood to spurt out and spray onto the stone pillar, resulting in these dried bloodstains.

It was hard to imagine what could have resulted in such tragedy.

Ethan had gone through wars, so he could imagine how terrifying it must have been.

Greedy Wolf remained silent too. He was clearly shocked by everything he could see.

He had been prepared for all the dangers in the passageway, and he knew that everything they had run into along the way was just the tip of the iceberg among the dangers they would meet on their search for the Longevity Pond.

But what lay before him was clearly the aftermath of a fierce battle. He simply couldn’t imagine how terrible it must have been.

“What on earth happened here?” he mumbled to himself. “None of the records talk about this.”

He had read many historical records and had read everything that was available on the Longevity Pond. He had made a lot of preparations all these years for the sake of finding this pond.

He didn’t think there would be a battlefield along the way.

“What’s that?” Ethan suddenly looked up and noticed a few words written at the top of the gate. “Southern…gate?”

“It’s the Southern Gate of Heaven.” Greedy Wolf looked down and saw the last word inscribed onto the piece of the gate that had fallen to the ground.

The Southern Gate of Heaven!

This was actually the Southern Gate of Heaven? The gate mentioned in folklore that supposedly separated the mortal world from the immortal world?

Ethan felt his head spin as images from TV dramas appeared in his mind. He could see the Southern Gate of Heaven among the clouds as a group of old men with white hair flew around and fairies sang and danced…

Was this a joke?!

“How could this be the Southern Gate of Heaven?”

“How would I know?” Greedy Wolf shook his head. He couldn’t believe it either.

“Maybe someone purposely called it the same thing.” He didn’t dare to say that it was the same as the gate in folklore, because that sounded insane. It seemed even more mythical than a Longevity Pond.

Neither of them said anything. But the faint murderous air continued to waft around them as they stood where they were.

This battlefield was real.

The faint stench of blood even managed to creep into their noses, as if to tell them that a truly horrifying battle occurred here. A lot of people died, and there had been a lot of bloodshed…

The mist became thicker.

The gate was barely visible in the midst of the mist and didn’t look real anymore.

But Ethan didn’t think that any of this was just an illusion. His heart was pounding wildly, and a sorrowful feeling rose from within his heart.

At his level of prowess, his mental resilience was very high and it was very difficult for him to be affected by anything in the world. But that sorrowful feeling was so real and Ethan couldn’t control himself at all.

“What on earth is going on?”

Ethan lifted his head to find that Greedy Wolf had disappeared.

The thick mist had brought Greedy Wolf to some other place.

Ethan shouted for him several times but received no reply. He had no choice but to cautiously walked through the Southern Gate of Heaven with a wary and careful heart.

This place was very dangerous and he could sense that it was no safer than all the places he went through before this. Even though he couldn’t sense any signs of life in this entire place, his instinct told him that this place was very dangerous.

He could die at any time!

“He’s really disappeared.” Ethan looked around him but the mist was too thick for him to see anything. Every step he took was taken with great caution.

He couldn’t see Greedy Wolf and neither could Greedy Wolf see him. If the mist cleared now, they would realize that they were walking in two complete opposite directions.

Ethan kept walking and found that the exhaustion he felt earlier had completely disappeared. The mist seemed to contain something that could make a person remain in his best state at all times.

“Hmm?” He suddenly felt like he could see further now. “Is the mist thinning out?”


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