Billionaire God of War Chapter 2310

Chapter 2310

The mist in front of him seemed to be clearing up.

Ethan could see that the mist was disappearing and he could see more and more.

But his expression changed as more and more was revealed.

Once the mist had disappeared, the full extent of what surrounded him could be seen.

“How did this happen?”

The entire place was in ruins.

It was as if a great war had broken out and broke every single thing possible. Not a single structure was left intact.

The mist was rather thick earlier, so Ethan couldn’t see all this clearly. But after the mist disappeared, the scene before him was rather desolate.

Those tall stone pillars, those thick walls and those exquisitely carved stone sculptures were testament to how glorious, majestic and grand this place used to be.

“And now, everything has been destroyed,” said Ethan with a sigh.

He was sure that if these things had not been destroyed, they could definitely match up to ancient relics.

Even some of the internationally recognized heritage sites might not match up to this.

But it was too bad. The entire place was left in ruins.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but even my emotions have been affected,” thought Ethan to himself.

He could sense that he was feeling a little down. His strong and steady mental resilience was able to hold up against external influences. Yet now, he could sense this faint sorrow and pain filling up his heart.

This was so strange.

Ethan continued walking carefully as he observed the changes that had happened to this place. His mind could imagine that this place was a gigantic street before it was destroyed.

The palaces on both sides looked majestic enough.

The marble tiles on the ground were two meters wide and five meters long. The width of the street was even more astonishing. Were the people here giants?

Ethan’s head was full of questions. He found it hard to imagine who could have possibly caused such great destruction to a place like this.

“Don’t tell me that this is really the Heavenly Palace?” he blurted out.

The structures around him didn’t look like they could have been constructed by ordinary human beings. Even modern technology wouldn’t be able to do this.

Also, everything in this place really seemed like the Heavenly Palace of ancient folklore. Could the Heavenly Palace really exist?

Ethan didn’t dare to think about it anymore. It was astonishing enough that something like the Longevity Pond existed. If the Heavenly Palace really existed as well, then it meant that this world was hiding a lot more things and was slowly being discovered by humans.

Then again, if the Longevity Pond could exist, then why not the Heavenly Palace?

This thought flashed through Ethan’s mind.

He continued walking. The chipped rocks from the stone pillars and the broken glass and tiles made the place look really depressing. It exuded a tragic feeling, as well as a tinge of indignation.

It was as if the destruction of this place made one feel much regret and unhappiness.

Ethan moved along carefully and took careful note of his surroundings. Everything here was somewhat creepy, so he had to be alert at all times.

Furthermore, Greedy Wolf had disappeared and he didn’t know where he had gone. The two of them had gone to two different directions, and neither knew what lay ahead of them.

“What’s that?” Ethan looked up with a start to see something that looked like a staircase in the distance. It was a very tall staircase that disappeared into the clouds.

Everything above the clouds was hidden, so he couldn’t see what was up there.

“That’s such a tall staircase,” blurted Ethan.

He craned his neck to see what was at the end of the stairs, but simply couldn’t see anything.

After walking for quite a bit, he finally reached the bottom of the stairs. Looking at the stairs close up was even more astonishing.

“Were the inhabitants of this place all giants?”

The steps were enormous!

They were ridiculously huge!

Each step was half a meter high and eight meters long, so it was even wider than a standard road. It would be hard for someone less than three meters tall to go up such steps.

Ethan looked up but he could still only see part of the staircase. The rest was covered in mist and clouds.

“How high is this staircase?”

The staircase could actually reach the clouds!


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