Billionaire God of War Chapter 2311

Chapter 2311

Ethan took a deep breath. These steps were huge and this staircase led into the clouds. What could possibly be at the other end of it?

He hesitated for a while, but decided to walk up the stairs anyway. But the moment he stepped onto the first step, his expression changed dramatically.

“Crap!” Ethan wanted to come back down only to find that he simply couldn’t. For as long as he had this thought in mind, his feet seemed to be nailed to the steps and he couldn’t budge at all.

So he could only go up?

“What a frightening flight of stairs.” Ethan felt that his feet seemed heavier. “The gravity pull is stronger here?”

He suddenly realized that the weight on his body had changed a little as he stood on this step. His feet had become heavier, so he figured that the gravity levels were different on the stairs.

He took another step and alas, the gravity pull only increased. His feet felt significantly heavier now.

“What on earth is this place?” exclaimed Ethan. “What a strange place! It can even change the amount of gravity.”

He had never come across anything as strange as this. If the gravity increased with each step, then how terrifying was the gravity at the highest step?

A terrifying idea flashed in his mind. He suddenly had an urge to walk all the way to the top.

The environment was completely different with each step, as if he reached a new level of heaven with every step he ascended.

“I don’t seem to be able to go down anyway.”

Ethan had no choice.

Since he couldn’t go back down, he could only go up.

He went up five steps in one breath and looked towards the upper end of the stairs that still seemed so far away as his heart palpitated. The gravity pull here was twice as strong as the first steps, so the pressure on his legs was twice as much as before.

It was as though he was carrying another person of his own weight on his back.

“This amount of gravity is really terrifying, and it even changes along the way. How is this even possible?”

He knew that modern technology was able to achieve this, but he was now walking up ordinary stone steps, yet each step clearly had a different amount of gravity. This was definitely not the work of humans, and not even technology could reach this level.

Ethan tried using formation lines to analyze the steps, but he still couldn’t understand anything.

He was now in a situation where he couldn’t go down, but he didn’t know what was waiting for him at the top either. If the gravity pull continued to increase at this rate, would his body be able to take it after just a few more steps?

These were all things that Ethan had to consider.

He stood on the same step for a while, but eventually decided to just keep walking. He wanted to try and see how much stronger the gravity pull would get, and how many more steps he would be able to endure.

And of course, he wanted to see what was at the top of the stairs.

Could the Longevity Pond be at the top of this stairs?

When this thought appeared in his mind, Ethan couldn’t help but become somewhat excited. He suddenly had a feeling that his guess was correct!


Greedy Wolf had lost his way too.

Even after the thick mist had disappeared, he realized that Ethan had also disappeared, and he couldn’t even sense Ethan’s presence either. After looking around at the ruins that surrounded him, he was very sure that a great battle must have happened here in the past.

Every single person who fought this battle died, and not a single one survived.

What a tragedy.

“What on earth is this crazy place? And where is the Longevity Pond?”

Greedy Wolf’s second pupils looked around cautiously and carefully. He didn’t dare to miss any detail.

He didn’t care about anything else now. He just wanted to quickly find that Longevity Pond, gain immortality, and leave this creepy place!

All of a sudden, Greedy Wolf’s expression faltered. A ball of blackened air was floating nearby and seemed to be trying to get Greedy Wolf’s attention.

He immediately stopped walking because he didn’t dare to go too near to it.

This place was filled with many unknown things, so if he wasn’t careful, he would die here.

“What on earth is that?” muttered Greedy Wolf.

Before he could turn and walk the other way, a faint and weak voice called out to him.

“I’ve waited for you…for a long time now.”


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