Billionaire God of War Chapter 2312

Chapter 2312

Greedy Wolf instantly tensed up.

“Who’s there?!” he yelled loudly. His second pupils looked around him, but didn’t find the source of the voice.

That voice earlier was real. He could tell that voice belonged to a human. But he simply couldn’t locate its source.

Greedy Wolf looked about warily. “Who are you?! Stop pretending to be some mysterious person! Come out now!”

His gaze was frosty and he emanated a murderous aura as he continued to be careful.

But his surroundings were completely silent. There was absolutely no sound.

Not even the sound of the wind.

Greedy Wolf stood where he was and didn’t dare to move. His eyes were still fixed on the ball of black gas floating not too far from him.

“I’ve waited for you…for a long time now.”

It was that voice again.

It was coming from that ball of black gas.

Greedy Wolf became even more wary. “Who are you?” he yelled. But nobody answered him. Instead, that ball of black gas started to shake even more than before, as if something on the inside was waking up.

The ball of black gas shook violently and threatened to fill the space around it .

Greedy Wolf didn’t dare to walk over.

Everything about this place was creepy, and he didn’t know where Ethan was, and didn’t know whether he was dead or alive either. And now, this ball of black gas seemed to be alive and was even talking. Anybody else would have been frightened to death by now.

“I’ve been waiting for you…for a long time now.”

The voice spoke again and repeated the same line, but Greedy Wolf could tell that its tone of voice was different from before.

“Are you a human or a demon?” Greedy Wolf yelled, “Just show yourself! Stop acting all mysterious!”


The black gas started spinning upwards and slowly spread itself out. Even though it only filled up a certain amount of space around itself, it was clearly a response to what Greedy Wolf said to it.

This was really, really creepy.

Even though Greedy Wolf was someone who knew way more things about this universe than many others in the world, this was the first time he had come across something like this.

He hesitated for a long while before taking two steps forward. The wariness in his eyes remained.

The black gas was still spreading out, but it seemed to be bound by something and was only able to spin within a particular radius and no further. Greedy Wolf became a little emboldened by this.

“I’ve been waiting for you…for a long time now.”

It was still that same phrase.

Who was this person?

Why was this person waiting for him?

Greedy Wolf wasn’t sure if these words were meant for him, but he was the only human being standing in this place.

He walked over, keeping an eye on his surroundings while using his second pupils to observe that ball of black gas. He wanted to see what was inside that ball of gas.

Those eyes of his were different from an ordinary person’s and could see many things that others couldn’t. But they were useless on this black gas.

They couldn’t see anything. The black gas was all he could see.

Suddenly, the black gas exploded like it could sense that Greedy Wolf had come closer. It wrapped itself around Greedy Wolf in a matter of seconds.

“AHH!” yelped Greedy Wolf in a panic. He turned and tried to run, but the black gas seemed like black string that quickly tied his hands and legs up.

The endless black string was like silk from a silkworm as it wrapped Greedy Wolf in layer after layer without giving him the slightest chance to escape.

“Get away from me! Get away!” roared Greedy Wolf as he used all his strength to fight back. But those black strings seemed to be sentient and were quickly able to tie down his four limbs such that he was no longer able to move.

“I’ve waited for you…for a long time now.”

This time, the voice spoke clearly into Greedy Wolf’s ears.

It was as if the voice was right next to him.

“I’ve waited for you…for a long time now!”

The voice suddenly became sinister and terrifying. Greedy Wolf couldn’t help but shudder at the voice. He tried to struggle again, but he couldn’t move anymore.


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