Billionaire God of War Chapter 2313

Chapter 2313

The black gas slowly seeped into Greedy Wolf’s body. It went in from his nostrils, his eyes, his ears, his mouth, and even through his belly button…it kept going in without stopping.

“AHHH!” Greedy Wolf roared in pain. He felt like his body was being ripped apart.

He saw a black pearl float out from the black gas and draw closer to him. Before he completely blacked out, he could sense that the black gas was still entering his body.

This black gas was coming out from that black pearl.

What on earth was that?


A gut-wrenching howl of pain tore through the air.

At the same time.

Ethan turned with a start to look towards where that sound had come from.

“Was that Greedy Wolf?” He identified the voice as Greedy Wolf’s. If Greedy Wolf screamed so terribly, it probably meant that Greedy Wolf was going to die.

“Is he dead?” Ethan felt his heart tremble.

Greedy Wolf was such a scheming and careful fellow, but even someone like him had run into trouble.

This was a really scary place.

But he wasn’t much better off himself.

Ethan stood on the 13th step and felt exhausted all over. The gravity had increased by three times by the time he reached this step.

He didn’t even know how much more pressure was on his bones right now.

If he wasn’t already very strong to start with, he would probably be crawling on the floor from the weight by now.

He looked upwards again, but still couldn’t see the end of the stairs. He didn’t know how many steps there were in total.

Ethan was faced with increasing pressure, but going down wasn’t an option either. He couldn’t go down the stairs, and if he jumped from here, the gravity pull would crush him.

If he was hurt in this sort of place, then he was definitely going to die.

He had no way of retreating, and he really wanted to know what was at the top too.

Greedy Wolf had clearly run into trouble, and that scream earlier told him that it must have been really bad. Otherwise, given Greedy Wolf’s temperament, he would have been too proud to even wince. He must have suffered some really terrible pain.

“Looks like I can only go up.”

Ethan took a deep breath. He had no other choice.

He adjusted his breathing and looked more and more resolute now. If he wasn’t careful, he would die. He should stop thinking about options that weren’t possible.

He was here to look for the Longevity Pond. If he couldn’t find it, then this was a failed trip.

Also, since Greedy Wolf was dead, he could put all his effort into locating the pond. Without having to guard against Greedy Wolf constantly, he could relax a little.

Ethan looked at the 14th step, clenched his fists, then used both his hands and legs to climb onto the next step.

The 14th step!

Just as he stepped onto the next step, a terrifying amount of pressure came down on him.

Ethan paled and even his knees trembled violently. But he still managed to hold up without kneeling, and steadied himself.

“Tsk!” he spat through gritted teeth. “Trying to make me kneel?”

He could sense that the stairs were trying to make him kneel!

This feeling wasn’t that obvious over the last 13 steps. But he realized it instantly when he reached the 14th step, because he felt like someone had punched him in the back of the knees in an attempt to make him kneel.

Ethan was fine if something wanted to kill him, but if it wanted to make him kneel…

His expression immediately darkened.

A warrior could be killed but not humiliated.

Ethan scoffed coldly. “Trying to make me kneel? Dream on!”

The blood and energy within his body started roiling as he got all riled up. The murderous look in his eyes intensified.

He looked into the thick mist that looked like clouds, and felt like he could see the final step.

“33 steps?” Ethan gave the steps a count. The last step was the 33rd step.

His heart suddenly skipped a beat.

33 steps? 33 levels?

This number seemed a little strange to him. He felt like he had heard this number before somewhere, or heard it from someone before.


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