Billionaire God of War Chapter 2314

Chapter 2314

Ethan’s memory was excellent, so he remembered everything just by seeing or hearing it once. But oddly enough, he couldn’t recall where he had heard this number before.


It felt so familiar!

But now wasn’t the time to try to recall anything. Ethan didn’t have that much energy to do that now.

Greedy Wolf had probably perished. The scream he had let out earlier made his hair stand on end.

He just wanted to get to the highest step to see what was up there, then leave and continue his search for the Longevity Pond.

It had been so difficult for him to get so far. If he still couldn’t find the Longevity Pond after all this, then he would have made a wasted trip.

Ethan took a deep breath, steeled himself, and went up yet another step.

His ears rang for a while as he felt like something had come crushing upon himself.

What a terrifying amount of gravity.

This was even worse than the last step, and it was really about to force him on his knees.

Ethan lifted his head and all the joints in his neck cracked loudly.

“Ha, so bent on making me kneel?”

The more the stairs wanted him to kneel, the more he was going to defy it!

Ethan could feel the terrifying pressure, but it was still within his endurance limits.

Each step of this 33 step staircase seemed to be a different world with its own gravity pull. An ordinary person might not have lasted this long.

Even if one had enough mental resilience to face this challenge, one’s flesh and blood vessels might have been crushed by now.

But Ethan was different. His body was way stronger than most. After he comprehended the Extreme Fist Technique, an energy accompanied every punch he made. It was this energy that strengthened his body over all these years.

Over the past three years, he could even see that this energy was slightly whitish now, which made it look even more mysterious than ever.

“You want me to kneel? No way!”

The only person in the world who could make Ethan kneel was his Master, Master Eraqus. Nobody else could, not even his own father, Thomas.

Ethan went up three steps at one go. The pressure weighing down on him was getting tougher and tougher to hold up against.

But he refused to give in.

In fact, he looked like he was enjoying himself.

He was such a person in the first place. The harder something was, the greater the sense of achievement he felt when he did it. It made him more excited and more exhilarated.

Living on the brink of death was something that Ethan did a lot. He had gone through so many near death experiences while fighting wars, and his nonchalance was something that many found hard to believe.

He looked up at the highest step. He was more than halfway there now.

If this terrifying gravity pull went up by another level, he wondered if his body would be able to take it.

By the time he reached the top, it might have gone up by ten levels even.

Ethan caught his breath and looked ahead with deepened eyes. He stood on the same step without taking the next step. Instead, he continued to adjust his breathing and waited for his blood circulation to stabilize.

He was trying to adjust to the current amount of pressure.

Both his body and his consciousness was adapting to it.

After a while, Ethan looked up again. He had adapted to it.

If anyone else was here, he might have exclaimed in shock and called Ethan a freak. How could his body have adapted in such a short time?

Ethan walked around on the same step to confirm that the current level of gravity didn’t affect him too much. After that, he went ahead to climb the next step.

He was using these steps to train himself.

What a freak!

Actually, he was more than a freak.

He was completely insane.

Anyone in his situation would have been extra cautious and on high alert at all times. Anyone else would have run from this creepy staircase much earlier on to minimize the risk of dying.

But Ethan didn’t run from this place and even made use of it to train himself.

He was definitely insane.

But Ethan knew that it was a rare opportunity for him. Such a place was impossible to find anywhere else.


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