Billionaire God of War Chapter 2315

Chapter 2315

After going through the excitement of the last ten odd steps, Ethan could sense that something inside his body was beginning to change.

His blood was flowing very quickly, and his blood vessels seemed to have cracked a little from the sudden surge. But that whitish energy hidden in his blood repaired the vessels again in an instant.

This was really beyond anything Ethan knew about the world. If he hadn’t already run into so many strange and unexplainable things before this, he wouldn’t have believed it himself.

Ethan took a deep breath and acclimatized to this step too. And he had managed to achieve this in a shorter time than the last step.

This was really insane!

He continued walking up the next step.

At the same time.

Greedy Wolf had been completely enveloped by the black gas, and after it went into his body, it started to wander about inside.

He started convulsing all over, and his expression looked ghastly.

Even though he could endure a lot of pain, the pain he was going through right now was almost unbearable.

It felt as though someone was ripping his body up into very small pieces, then putting the pieces together, then repeating the process repeatedly.

Greedy Wolf opened his mouth to scream but couldn’t get any sound out because his nose and mouth were already full of the black gas. His polycoria kept shifting and narrowing from the pain, which made him look even more terrifying.

“I’ve waited for you…for a long time now.”

Those same words continued to ring in Greedy Wolf’s ears, and that voice had repeated them countless times.

The little consciousness Greedy Wolf had wanted to know who on earth was saying these words.

The black pearl continued to spin and generate more black gas to enter Greedy Wolf’s body. Its size slowly became smaller and smaller as it spewed more gas out.

Time slowly went by.

The amount of black gas slowly lessened and the last bit of black of the black pearl was so black, it was like looking into nothingness.

It seemed to be able to absorb all the light in the surroundings, which was a really terrifying sight to behold.

Greedy Wolf slowly reopened his eyes. His arms and legs didn’t feel like his because he couldn’t feel them. He tried to move them, but he couldn’t feel anything.

If he couldn’t see that his limbs were clearly fitted on his own body, he would have thought that someone might have made him a paraplegic.

“I’ve waited for you…for a long time now.” That voice resounded again, but it was much softer than before, and it sounded like it was running out of energy.

“Who on earth are you?” Greedy Wolf gritted his teeth and finally managed to speak.

He had never seen something as strange as this, and he still didn’t know what exactly changed within his body. But he could feel a terrifying life force begin to grow inside of him.

“I’ve waited for you…”

The voice slowly faded.

The gleam of the black pearl was slowly fading as well.

When the last bit of black gas entered Greedy Wolf, it looked like a tiny black stone. It suddenly cracked and fell to the floor, instantly turning into powder.

The wind blew and it disappeared forever.

Greedy Wolf collapsed to the ground. His eyes were wide open but he couldn’t move at all.

He looked up at the sky above him and looked at the thin layer of mist as his consciousness slowly became more and more blurry. He couldn’t hear anything else except this murmuring inside his head, but he couldn’t make out what this voice was murmuring.

His eyelids felt heavy…

His body felt very heavy too…

Greedy Wolf slowly shut his eyes, but just as he slipped into unconsciousness, the voice in his head suddenly became very loud.

It resonated loudly in his mind and echoed at an ear deafening level like the roar of thunder.

But he had lost consciousness and could only hear the voice without having the chance to ask it anything.

“I’ve waited for you for a long time now!”

“I’m taking your body!”

“I’m not dead yet! I’m the Demon King who will never die! I have been reborn!”

“I hereby grant you immortality…”


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