Billionaire God of War Chapter 2316

Chapter 2316

The voice in Greedy Wolf’s head continued to echo.

Greedy Wolf felt that besides being alive, none of his body parts belonged to him anymore.

He couldn’t feel his limbs nor his organs. Even his consciousness seemed to be controlled by something else.

He wasn’t someone who admitted defeat easily, not especially since someone was trying to take over his body. He wasn’t going to give it up so easily!

“Get out of my body!” his inner consciousness roared furiously.

Even though he couldn’t actually speak, his mental resilience was very strong.

Greedy Wolf was no weakling since he managed to survive till today, and had become one of the leading figures in martial arts of his era. His mental resilience was naturally very tough.

He knew that he wasn’t able to move because his body was under the control of the black gas, but he was going to use the little consciousness he had to fight the black gas.

He had to chase the one trying to take over his body out!

If he didn’t do that, he would definitely die. He would lose his body, lose the consciousness that belonged to him alone, and would become a completely different person.

“GET OUT! GET OUT!” An additional voice rang out inside Greedy Wolf’s mind as he continued to shout angrily at the black gas that continued to eat at him. He was going to fight back with everything he had. “GET OUT OF ME NOW!”

Greedy Wolf lay without being able to move and his eyes were shut fast, but his inner mind was fighting a war inside him.

It was as if two souls were now at each other’s throats within his body.

Greedy Wolf didn’t dare to give up and he didn’t even hesitate to fight back. There was no way someone with his temperament was going to just let someone else take over his body so easily.

The consciousness of the two souls continued to battle each other. The black gas was quite apparently surprised at how obstinate Greedy Wolf was. It didn’t expect Greedy Wolf to not just prevent itself from taking over his body, but Greedy Wolf was even fighting back.

The black gas became more agitated as a result, and Greedy Wolf couldn’t help but tremble violently.

The two souls continued to fight each other bitterly as they fought to take control of Greedy Wolf’s body.

Neither was willing to give in.

In Greedy Wolf’s perspective, if he gave in, then he would disappear from this world completely and he would cease to exist. He had persevered for so long and had followed his ambitions for so many years now. If he ended up disappearing just like that, he would never be able to take it lying down.

But for that mysterious ball of black gas, he had waited for way too long! This was his only chance! This was his only chance to return to the human world!

Greedy Wolf’s body was convulsing and jerking as if an electrical current was coursing through his body and agitating every cell in his body.


Ethan had made it to the 28th step.

He was even more terrifying.

Each time he went up one step, he would linger for a while to adapt to the gravity levels of that step .

Most other people would have died a long time ago.

Even if they could take the mental stress, their physical bodies wouldn’t have been able to hold out.

Ethan’s body had been nourished by the energy from the Extreme Fist Technique all these years and he had gone through several rounds of metamorphosis. But even so, the environment he was in threatened to make him buckle a few times.

He suddenly realized that the gravity level of each step seemed to be within a particular range, and it went up in accordance with his upper limit.

It seemed to be too much for him to take, but then after getting used to it, it seemed to be at just the right levels. It was as if…as if someone was actually controlling the levels.

The further up he went, the more Ethan felt this way.

“There are still five more steps,” said Ethan as he glanced upwards.

He could tell very clearly that after going through the increasing levels of gravity of this staircase, his body’s strength had gone up tremendously.

He had no idea how long he had spent here, how much sweat he had perspired, how many times he had been in danger and how many times he had nearly lost his life. But the feeling he had right now was truly magical.

After some time, he got himself adjusted and ready for the next step.

Ethan took a few deep breaths to make sure that he was in his best condition. He didn’t know the next step would bring. If it brought death, then so be it!


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