Billionaire God of War Chapter 2317

Chapter 2317

Ethan took another step upwards, and his other foot swiftly followed after. In that instant, he got himself mentally and physically prepared to face another increase in gravity.



Ethan was surprised.

There was no gravity pull on this step?

Or rather, it didn’t have the terrifying gravity pull he expected. The levels here were the same as the first step’s, as if the staircase had lost that increasing gravity characteristic after it hit this level.

He was caught by surprise and wondered if it was a trap. He didn’t dare to move and waited for a while, but nothing happened.

His body now felt as light as a feather. After going through so much pressure from before, his body had changed drastically. So now that he had suddenly gone back to the same gravity pull as the first step, the sudden pressure relief made Ethan feel a little awkward instead.

It took him a while to readjust himself.

“What’s going on? Why did it stop here?” Ethan sounded a little disappointed.

He had been so elated to find a good chance to train himself up. If someone else heard about Ethan’s excitement towards this frightening staircase, they would have called him a lunatic for sure.

Ethan still kept his guard up at all times.

He couldn’t afford to be careless in such a place, otherwise he might die.

Ethan was now in a very high place, and he could see a large area below him. It was nothing but ruins, and it emanated a very tragic feeling.

He couldn’t help but sigh. What happened here? How did a place that seemed so magical in the past become nothing but barren land?

His position was extremely high and he could see almost everything from here. But unfortunately, there was nothing beautiful to see, since the beauty of this place had been destroyed.

“I’ll go up and take a look first.”

Ethan didn’t waste anymore time and carefully continued making his way up. He went up the rest of the stairs at one shot.

Once he made it through the clouds, Ethan froze.

The floors were solid tiles cut from white jade. Even though it was very old, it still seemed to exude a warmth that came from jade.

The stone pillars that lined the corridor were covered in blood splatters, and several fallen pillars and broken chairs were strewn all over the floor. Ethan walked carefully as he moved around the mist and clouds to look at everything around him and sighed sadly.

The tragic atmosphere made him inexplicably upset, as if it was his home that had been destroyed.

“What a strange feeling this is,” Ethan shook his head. “Why am I so affected?”

He knew what sort of person he was and how strong his mental capability was. It was impossible for anything to affect his mood. But for some reason, standing here alone made him feel so depressed.

It felt like something was knocking against his heart, causing his emotions to ripple in tandem. He could get rid of it and he couldn’t push it aside.

Ethan stood there without moving as he carefully sensed the area around him to see if there was anything unusual.

He soon sorted his feelings out and regained his composure. He knew that if he became emotional in such a dangerous place, he would get into trouble easily. The more dangerous a place was, the more he needed to remain calm.

All of a sudden, Ethan’s gaze changed.

A layer of mist parted and he saw the end of the corridor. It was a flight of stairs with nine steps that were of normal height. Besides being made of extremely high grade jade, nine flying dragons were also carved in the jade steps.

They looked like they were alive!

If he hadn’t fixed his eyes on them and looked carefully, Ethan actually started imagining that those flying dragons were alive and were now flying around the steps.

Ethan forced himself to focus again because he realized that his consciousness had been affected. He bit his tongue lightly to keep himself alert.

“What a terrifying ability to influence others’ minds. Not even Greedy Wolf’s polycoria could reach this level of mind control.”

Greedy Wolf had used his eyes to hypnotize and control others, but there was nothing in this place at all. The air here was enough to shake one’s mental state. That was truly terrifying.

He continued to look up the stairs and he was instantly frozen to the spot.

“Is that…”


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