Billionaire God of War Chapter 2319

Chapter 2319

The terrifying white beam cut across the sky like a nuclear explosion, sending a large amount of sand and dust flying.

At the same time.

In a place not really all that far from the Dragon Throne, in the opposite direction that Ethan had taken earlier.

Greedy Wolf suddenly opened his eyes. He still had two sets of pupils in his eyes, but they seemed to look even more frightening and sinister than before. The glint in them could make one shudder in fear.

He sat up and looked expressionlessly at the white beam that shot through the sky.

“Ethan,” he uttered. His gaze looked a little complicated as he watched the white light cover the sky.

Since he was able to utter this name, it meant that Greedy Wolf had won the battle after all. His body still belonged to him and he hadn’t been possessed by another.

He got up, patted off the dust from his clothes and walked towards where Ethan was.

The remaining powder from the black gas disappeared with the wind.

Back at the palace at the top of the 33 steps.

Ethan was still sitting on the Dragon Throne. His body was covered with a layer of white smoke, as if his blood had evaporated. The white light still covered his entire body, but the light was fading in intensity.

His eyes were shut and he wasn’t responding at all. The expression on his face remained calm, as if the terrifying pain he suffered earlier had hit him so suddenly that he didn’t even have the time to react to it.

Eventually, the white light completely disappeared and everything became calm once more.

But Ethan still wasn’t moving at all. He sat upright in the Dragon Throne, but there was life left in him.

Greedy Wolf came up the stairs and slowly walked over as his polycoria eyes stared at Ethan.

“I didn’t think you’d die here,” he said in a hoarse voice as he looked at Ethan. As far as his second pupils could see, Ethan’s heart had stopped beating and he couldn’t sense any blood or energy flowing in Ethan’s veins. The man was clearly dead.

The two of them had entered this passageway together to search for the Longevity Pond. But before they had found the pond, something else had transformed him.

He had absorbed that black pearl and it was able to prolong his life. So what if there was no Longevity Pond?

Greedy Wolf could sense that his vital signs were at an unbelievably healthy level. It was very possible that he had obtained longevity.

But Ethan had perished here.

“Humph,” he snorted coldly without a trace of sympathy in his voice. He was even happier now that he didn’t have to kill Ethan himself. “Farewell, Ethan. This world will soon forget you ever existed.”

After saying that, Greedy Wolf turned and ran off. He didn’t want to stay in this creepy place for too long, in case something else unexpected befell him.

If even Ethan could die here, it meant that this place was really dangerous. He had been lucky enough to get out alive and take over that black pearl. But he might not get lucky two times in a row.

Greedy Wolf left in no time.

Ethan was still sitting on the Dragon Throne and didn’t move an inch.

Time slowly ticked by, but Ethan remained as still as before. The mist in the palace slowly began to thicken again, as if nothing had happened here.

All of a sudden…

The sound of a dragon roaring resounded.

It was ear deafening.

The entire palace started shaking violently, and even the fallen stone pillars were trembling as they lay on the ground.

The dragon roar earlier seemed to have emerged from the mouths of the two dragons on the armrests of that Dragon Throne Ethan was on. Their roar had caused a huge reaction from the palace as a terrifying spirit was slowly awakened.

The thick mist tumbled wildly like it was beginning to boil.

It hissed and sizzled as it rolled faster and fiercer.

The entire place was shaking.

Ethan was still seated on the Dragon Throne when he suddenly opened his eyes and took a deep breath. It was as if he had been unable to breathe earlier, and his nasal passageway was finally clear.

“AH!” he cried out as his arms clutched the armrests tightly. Every inch of his body was tense, his eyes were narrowed and his face was filled with shock.

An authoritative voice rang in his head.

“I’ve waited for you…for a long time now.”


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