Billionaire God of War Chapter 2320

Chapter 2320

Ethan looked up but didn’t see anybody.

This voice seemed to be ringing within his own head.

“Who are you?” yelled Ethan.

“Young man, I’ve waited a long time for you.”

The voice rang out again, but only within Ethan’s mind. It was as if the owner of the voice was inside his head.

He could talk to this person with just his thoughts, and didn’t need to actually see the person physically.

Ethan didn’t even have enough time to fully understand what just happened to himself when a flash of memories suddenly hit his brain.

“AH!” Ethan couldn’t help but yelp. His head felt like it was about to burst.

“You and I are fated, so I will give you all of the Heavenly Palace.”

After the voice said this, it didn’t say anything else.

Ethan leaned against the Dragon Throne and took several deep breaths. A bunch of memories had appeared in his mind, which caused his expression to change slightly. The scenes flashed by very quickly.

“This place…is really the Heavenly Palace?”

It was really the Heavenly Palace.

He couldn’t believe such a place seriously existed.

The new memories he had showed him how majestic this place used to be. But one day, someone made an attack and destroyed the entire place.

He could see a blurry figure lead the masses to fight back against their attackers, but they eventually failed. The battle was a fierce and tragic one, with countless casualties that left no man standing.

He watched as the masses kept retreating until they couldn’t retreat any further. Behind them stood a pond that was covered with a dense layer of mist.

“The Longevity Pond?” Ethan’s eyes widened. “That’s the Longevity Pond?”

He put aside all these strange things for the moment, got up immediately and headed in the direction that matched his memories.

Just behind this palace stood a garden that had been destroyed, just like everywhere else. Ruins and broken walls were everywhere, and the pond had dried up a long time ago.

Ethan stood before it silently for a few moments before letting out a sigh.

“Even the Heavenly Palace has been destroyed. How could this Longevity Pond possibly be still intact?”

This pond represented the life of the Heavenly Palace. It continued to have water only because the Heavenly Palace was around and gave it life. Now that the palace had been destroyed, it didn’t have life in it anymore.

Ethan frowned and felt a little letdown.

He had nearly died trying to get here, but the Longevity Pond had already dried up.

How was he going to save Peter Pan without water from this pond?

He couldn’t watch Peter Pan just die like that.

Kye would be so upset.

Ethan stood in front of the Longevity Pond for a long time without saying anything. He didn’t hide the disappointment on his face.


A tiny sound made Ethan look up.

There was a small hole in the middle of the pond, and the sound had come out from there. He looked more carefully to see that it was a tiny splash of water.

The water in the pond hadn’t dried up yet?

There was still more?

Ethan rushed towards the little hole and saw small little droplets of water seep out from that hole. It wasn’t much, but it was still water.

He extended a finger and a white beam floated above his fingertips.

“What’s this?”

Ethan realized that he had gone through a really magical experience when he was seated on the Dragon Throne earlier. It had caused a great change to occur inside his body, and even his inner energy core had been thoroughly transformed.

He looked at the white light on his fingertips and saw that it was alive, but listened to him. With just a thought, it appeared on his fingertips.

Ethan used his finger to touch the water seeping out from the hole and the ground suddenly shook.

He jumped right out of the pond and water suddenly gushed out in all directions.

That was a lot of water!

It was as if the white light on his fingertips had lit up something within the pond, and the pond was now being filled up with water again.

“It’s not dried up yet!”


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