Billionaire God of War Chapter 2321

Chapter 2321

Ethan was overjoyed to see that the water in the Longevity Pond hadn’t dried up yet. It was as if the pond had purposely hidden its water away, and started flowing again only because it had felt the white light on his fingers.

He immediately uncapped his water bottle and filled it to the brim with the pond water. The energy bubbling from the water was filled with life, and breathing in the air around the water was enough to lift one’s mood and spirits.

It was truly magical.

The pond was filling up with more and more water, and eventually the entire pond was full. A thin layer of mist started to rise from the surface of the water and waft towards the rest of the space.

“It seems like there’s some sign of life,” said Ethan. “I can’t believe this is actually the Heavenly Palace. Perhaps the water from the Longevity Pond can nourish this place and bring it back to life again.”

He watched as the water in the pond continued to bubble and increase in amount, and his gaze grew complex. “Nourish this place. It’ll be restored sooner or later.”

As if it could understand Ethan’s words, the pond water started to surge like flames.

It crashed hard against the stone walls, creating ear deafening blasts.

Ethan didn’t stay and watch it anymore. Now that he had a bottle full of the water from the pond, the most important thing now was to get it back home and save Peter Pan. He would deal with the memories in his mind later.

After seeing some of the scenes in this new memory of his, Ethan didn’t think that he was lucky to have come across such an opportunity. On the contrary, he felt like this was a greater challenge.

The future had become even harder to foresee and seemed more mysterious and faraway.

Ethan walked back to the palace to look at the Dragon Throne. He could imagine how a ruler must have sat here to look upon his vast lands.

But everything had vanished.

“You and I are fated…you’ve given me this opportunity, but I’m not sure if I’m able to help you,” said Ethan. “I hope you won’t blame me for it.”

Sometimes, it wasn’t that he was afraid of danger or challenges. But he had a home, a wife and a daughter who needed him. How could he still take risks and allow himself to be in danger of dying all the time?

Which man still lived for himself after setting up a family?

He didn’t live for himself anymore.

Ethan cupped his fists and bowed, then walked away.

A faint shadow floated above the Dragon Throne and seemed to smile slightly as it watched Ethan leave. Then it disappeared.

In a few moments, Ethan emerged from the passageway.

There was a loud blast and the ground was shaking.

Ethan was back in the northern region.

He took a deep breath. It felt so good to be alive.

He turned to look and couldn’t help but frown. “Wait, Greedy Wolf didn’t die?”

He saw that the eight long chains had been drawn out from the bottom of the lake, but the coffin was gone.

Besides Greedy Wolf, he couldn’t think of anybody else who could have removed that coffin.

“Come out!” Ethan yelled. In no time, a large group of people came running out from all directions. They looked a complete mess – it was Evan and the rest!

Evan’s face was hurt and his gauze was dyed red with blood.

“Master? It’s really Master!” shouted out Evan in surprise and relief when he saw that it was Ethan. “I’m so glad that you’re alright!”

Brother Geoff and the wolves looked just as awful, but their gaze was still as ferocious as ever. When they saw Ethan, a guilty look flashed across their faces.

“Big Boss, we were useless and weren’t able to stop him.”

They had been very surprised themselves. They had purposely hidden themselves outside the passageway in hope of ambushing Greedy Wolf if he came out. But when Greedy Wolf actually came out, they hadn’t heard or seen him at all. They only discovered him when he came back to take the bronze coffin away.

It was way too late to stop him by then.

“That fellow has become really terrifying,” said Brother Geoff. “He’s just too powerful.”

Ethan didn’t blame them. Since Greedy Wolf didn’t die, it meant that he had probably gained an opportunity to make himself stronger. He himself had been lucky enough to gain something, so he was sure that Greedy Wolf must have gained something too.

“Let’s not talk about this now. We should go back.” He glanced at all his men. “Things have become very complicated, and I’m afraid we’re not going to enjoy peace for a long time to come.”

The fact that Greedy Wolf was still alive was a time bomb waiting to go off. Nobody knew what Greedy Wolf had gone through in the passageway, but since he had become more powerful, he was definitely going to become more ambitious!


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