Billionaire God of War Chapter 2323

Chapter 2323

Peter Pan sighed and didn’t know whether he ought to laugh or cry.

“Do you want to die?”

“It’s not about whether I want to or not,” retorted Peter Pan. From the look on Ethan’s face, he figured that Ethan must have failed in his mission. He had failed to locate the Longevity Pond, so he was really going to die very soon.

But of course, he didn’t blame Ethan. Instead, he was very grateful to Ethan for letting him have such an adorable disciple like Kye. Even though he had only spent a few years with her, it was enough.

Even after he died, Kye would still remember that she had a Master who truly loved and doted on her.

“Of course it’s about whether you want to or not. If you don’t want to die, I can help you,” said Ethan suddenly.

Peter Pan froze and stared at Ethan as a look of disbelief slowly spread across his face.

“Are you serious?”

Ethan nodded. Peter Pan’s breathing began to quicken. “You found the Longevity Pond?”

“I did.” Ethan didn’t hide anything from him. He held out a water bottle. “I brought back some water from the pond, and it should be able to help you.”

If the legends were true, then this water would really be able to extend Peter Pan’s life.

“Give it to me!”

Peter Pan couldn’t wait.

His heart was about to break from hearing Kye’s crying.

Ethan gave him the bottle and Peter Pan immediately poured every single drop of water into his mouth.

He didn’t leave a single drop behind.

After he was done drinking every single drop, he didn’t feel anything. His expression fell.

“So…it didn’t work?” A look of disappointment flashed in his eyes.

He had been happy for nothing.

Peter Pan suddenly smiled and shook his head. “It’s not real after all. It’s not real. How sad.”

“But Ethan, thank you. No matter what happens, I really have to thank you,” he said as he looked at Ethan. “When I’m not around anymore, you have to take good care of Princess and never let anybody bully her. Otherwise, I’m going to rise from the grave and teach you a lesson.”

Ethan didn’t say anything.

His eyes were fixed on Peter Pan’s body, and he felt like he could see a white glow suddenly light up from within Peter Pan’s body. It slowly started spreading and surged into his limbs and muscles.

“Huh?” Peter Pan had felt an abnormality in his body.

He took a deep breath, and suddenly, a powerful energy force exploded within his body.

His body convulsed and he felt like something was trying to break out from his body.

“AHH!” A terrible pain hit Peter Pan and he couldn’t help but shout out. But he soon tried his best to endure the pain as he looked in disbelief at Ethan.

“The effect’s here,” said Ethan. “The water from the Longevity Pond can revive anything after all. You’ve got to hang in there.”

Peter Pan gritted his teeth and tried his best not to utter any sound. His disciple was just outside and he didn’t want her to hear him scream. He was her Master, so it was ludicrous for him to be afraid of pain.

“AHHH!” But he still couldn’t hold it in. The pain felt like it was tearing him apart.

It was as if his body was being torn apart from limb to limb, then a new part grew in its place. Every single cell of his had burst open and a white gleam took its place.

The terrible pain was the same as slicing someone into a few thousand pieces, then sewing them together again. It was a pain that any human would have trouble bearing with.

Ethan could understand the pain he was going through. The pain he had felt on the Dragon Throne had been similar to this. In fact, it had been even worse.

Peter Pan lay on the bed stiffly as his eyes grew as wide as saucers and his body trembled violently.

But he wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, he was very excited. Because he knew that he wasn’t going to die anytime soon anymore, and he could continue to accompany Kye, his precious disciple!


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