Billionaire God of War Chapter 2325

Chapter 2325

Ethan rolled his eyes. “What are you thinking about? There are prerequisites you must meet before consuming this stuff. Ordinary folks will not be able to take it.”

Tom Foster grinned. “If I start learning martial arts now, do you think I’d make it?”

Ethan couldn’t be bothered with him.

He frowned slightly. Peter Pan’s life had been extended, but he knew that bigger trouble was coming his way.

“Perhaps you are right. Even if we can’t live forever, it’s still good if we can advance humanity,” he murmured.

Tom Foster was just joking, but after seeing Ethan’s serious expression, he knew that things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

Ethan had gone into the passageway along with Greedy Wolf and must have gone through a lot and also found out about a lot of things. He knew exactly what this expression on Ethan meant after working for him for so many years.

“We’ve got trouble?” asked Tom Foster.

“Some,” Ethan nodded. “It could also be big trouble.”

The memories he had inherited were not good ones.

Besides the images of that battle and the scenes where weapons clashed and blood was shed, one name rang in his mind.

The Underworld.

Just like how the Heavenly Palace existed, a second mysterious place existed – the Underworld.

The Heavenly Palace had been destroyed by the ones who had climbed out from the Underworld.

It was already crazy enough to think that something like the Longevity Pond existed. But the fact that the Heavenly Palace had been turned into nothing but ruins showed how frightening the people from the Underworld were.

Ethan had no idea how big a problem would be coming for him after finding out about all this. But things had already come to this, and it seemed like everything had been predestined in the first place. No matter which way he chose to go, he would have eventually reached this point.

Tom Foster took a deep breath, but replied very calmly, “Haven’t we run into such situations many times before already? Since the day we declared Greencliff as our base, we’ve run into nothing but trouble.” He burst out laughing. “In fact, if someday no trouble comes our way, I might have trouble getting used to it.”

Ethan glanced at him and laughed as well. He was right.


That was one thing they never lacked. As long as they ran into trouble, they’d figure a way out of it. Either they were busy solving one problem, or they were on their way to getting into more trouble. This had never stopped.

He reached out and patted Tom Foster’s shoulder and didn’t say anymore.

Ethan had to sort out all the memories in his head and understand what on earth was in the Underworld, and what sort of people were in there. He also needed to check what exactly happened to his body after taking a seat on that white jade Dragon Throne.

All of this had surpassed his knowledge of this world, and he knew that such things would only increase in number, and continue to test his understanding of this world.

The true side of this world was slowly unveiling itself.

This was a challenge, but it was also an opportunity. It depended on how one grasped it.

Ethan turned and went back to his own room. There was no one else, so he sat quietly by himself in the study and contemplated these things without anyone coming to disturb him.

They all knew that Ethan was a little different from before, and they needed to give him more time and space.

Ethan sat cross-legged in the study and shut his eyes.

The images of those memories played over and over again. He hoped to capture some important clues, but couldn’t find anything.

Besides the words ‘Underworld’, he didn’t know anything else.

What was the Underworld?

Where were they?

How could he go in?

Could the people inside still come out again?

How had the Heavenly Palace been destroyed? He still didn’t know, because those memories hadn’t given him any clues.

After a long time, Ethan exhaled, opened his eyes and shook his head. “Besides getting prepared for it, there’s nothing else we can do.”


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