Billionaire God of War Chapter 2327

Chapter 2327

It was as if a group of people had surrounded Greedy Wolf excitedly.

But there wasn’t a single person in sight.

Greedy Wolf walked to a crossroad junction and stopped. He looked at his left, then looked to his right. The road signs on both sides suddenly started turning to face the road ahead.

“This is the place,” said Greedy Wolf.

His eyes slowly lit up and he suddenly let out a roar, “Open up!”

The roar caused the fallen leaves on the ground to spin wildly in the wind like a thousand little leaf shaped knives. They collided with one another in midair, clanging loudly. Sparks flew between some of them and lit up with an explosive sound.

The frightening and desperate sounding howls were terrifying. They sounded like vengeful ghosts coming out in the middle of the night, and would make anyone shudder.

After Greedy Wolf gave that shout, the ground shook even more violently. Suddenly, a beam of light appeared from both sides of the road, slowly forming the shape of a door and becoming brighter and brighter.

The ground shook as the huge door slowly opened. Beams of golden light immediately shot out.

In an instant, an uncountable number of shadows appeared beside Greedy Wolf, and they were deep, dark shadows.

But they had nowhere to hide because of this golden light.

Howls of pain were heard next.

Everywhere that the golden light hit, the black shadows would be consumed. Their howls and cries could make one’s skin tense up because it was simply too frightening.

Greedy Wolf remained unmoved and couldn’t be bothered with these random ghosts.

He stood without moving as he looked towards the uniform and steady footsteps that were coming from within the door.

The sound of their footsteps drew nearer and nearer.

Greedy Wolf looked up to see a large group of people in black long robes and a long sword at their waist march out. Their footsteps were in tempo and their faces had no expression. They looked like a group of marching corpses.

This group walked out of the golden door and stopped about ten meters away from Greedy Wolf.

“We welcome the return of the Demon King!” shouted everyone in unison as they knelt down at the same time in reverence and respect.

“We welcome the return of the Demon King!”

“We welcome the return of the Demon King!”

Their shouts reverberated through the sky, making the world outside the gold door even darker than before. It could absorb even the tiniest bit of light.

The streetlamps were already off, and the whole place was dark. There was no other light besides the golden door itself.

Greedy Wolf stood with his hands behind his back as he looked at the group with a frosty expression.

“So, all of you have been waiting for me after all.”

“All of us have been waiting for the Demon King to return! We believed that the Demon King would surely return!” The ear deafening roars resounded once again.

Greedy Wolf nodded and narrowed his eyes.

“Very good. All of you here have not forgotten me, but the others may have.”

He took a step towards the golden door and the group in black immediately split into two groups to let him pass. They stood on both sides with their heads bowed as they welcomed Greedy Wolf without daring to be disrespectful at all.

Greedy Wolf walked into the golden door, then turned back to look towards Greencliff.

He narrowed his eyes. “Once I’ve sorted out the Underworld, then this world will become mine.”

He went further in and the men in black followed after him. They all walked into the golden door and disappeared.

Those black shadows remained flying about in the sky outside the door as they wailed and howled. They all wanted to enter the golden door too, but once they went too near, they would be extinguished immediately. The golden light was like the sun to snow. They had no chance of entering that door at all.

Suddenly, the golden door disappeared. Even the wind outside stopped all of a sudden, so the fallen leaves fluttered back down to the ground.

Only this crossroad junction had leaves all over the ground, while the rest of the street didn’t have a single leaf. It was so creepy.

The night fell silent once again, just like how it always was. But the people left in this town couldn’t sleep all night. They tossed and turned but were unable to sleep, because their hearts were filled with unease and fear…


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