Billionaire God of War Chapter 2328

Chapter 2328

It was as though the air had gone through a terrible transformation overnight. Even breathing made one feel uneasy.

The cold winds howled and never stopped all night. It seemed to blow away the protective layer that had covered this old town, exposing what was really underneath.


Behind the golden door that had disappeared.

It was dim inside.

Greedy Wolf stood above an enormous group of shadows.

He didn’t say anything. He emanated an authoritative aura just by standing there.

“We welcome the return of the Demon King!” shouted everyone in unison.

Their voices thundered and echoed non stop again and again.

Greedy Wolf’s eyes were dark, but they seemed to glint sharply.

“All of you,” he snorted coldly. “Do you really welcome me back?”

The ones he was looking at were all the Court Chiefs. Within the Underworld, besides the Demon King, there were also 18 Court Chiefs who presided over a Court each. They used to hail him as their leader and obeyed him. But after a few centuries had passed, they had probably all thought that he was dead.

Greedy Wolf now had an additional set of memories that didn’t belong to him initially, but also belonged to him now.

He now had an additional identity, and that was the Demon King of the Underworld!

“If you are really the Demon King, then of course, we welcome you back,” said one of them as he looked at Greedy Wolf. He clearly did not believe that Greedy Wolf was the Demon King of the Underworld, and didn’t believe that this man here was the leader they had in the past.

This man looked different, and his aura was completely different. He knew how to get to the Underworld, but that wasn’t enough to prove that this man was truly the Demon King.

At the same time, none of the Court Chiefs wanted to acknowledge him either.

Over the past few centuries, each of the Court Chiefs had been their own leader, and they had continued to lead their own palaces even without the Demon King around. They were all used to being in the highest position, so they weren’t willing to bow to someone else now.

Furthermore, this man might not even be the Demon King.

And even if he was…hadn’t he disappeared along with the Heavenly Palace back then? Even if he wasn’t dead yet, his prowess would have already taken a great hit, so there was still no reason for them to bow to him.

But of course, Greedy Wolf knew exactly what they were thinking.

He was very astute when it came to understanding human nature.

Greedy Wolf stared at the person who just spoke and pointed a finger at him. “You don’t believe me? Or even if you think I’m the Demon King, you won’t bow down to me?”

“Is there a difference?” replied Darius Maul, the Court Chief of the 13th Court as he glanced at Greedy Wolf.

Greedy Wolf appeared in front of Darius Maul in an instant. A strong wind howled and Darius’s hair flapped wildly.

Darius Maul had noticed that Greedy Wolf had raised his hand to attack, so he wanted to fight back, but he couldn’t defend himself at all. Greedy Wolf’s palm came down hard on his cheek.

It was a really hard slap.

Darius Maul was sent flying out from the slap and rolled a few times on the floor in front of everyone else before finally stopping.

“You…” Darius was furious from the humiliation he suffered.

He had actually been slapped in front of so many people.

“I’ll give you one more chance,” said Greedy Wolf. “Bow down to me, or die!”

The darkness in his eyes was identical to the one in the Demon King’s eyes back then.

His prowess was equally terrifying, and everybody found it difficult to breathe. That slap had represented the authority and prestige of the Demon King.

Greedy Wolf remained standing there as he looked down at Darius and waited for Darius’s decision.

The other Court Chiefs just watched on without saying anything.

None of them wanted to bow down to Greedy Wolf, but if anybody made noise now, Greedy Wolf was going to hit them for sure.

They were all certain that this man was indeed the Demon King of the past.

After so many centuries had passed, the Demon King had really returned.

Darius’s face was red. He was the chief of the 13th Court and never thought that he would be so embarrassed in front of this many people. Greedy Wolf’s slap really made him furious.

But as he looked into Greedy Wolf’s eyes, a fear began to rise from deep within his heart. That was a fear that came from his very soul, and he couldn’t control it at all.


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