Billionaire God of War Chapter 2330

Chapter 2330

Greedy Wolf no longer had to worry about Ethan being a threat to him.

Even if Ethan wasn’t dead, he was no match for him now. Even if Peter Pan was still alive and all the others he awakened joined hands with Ethan, they wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Greedy Wolf got up and walked to the door of the main court with his hands folded behind his back.

“It’s time.”

He disappeared in a flash.

Deep within the Underworld stood mountains made from knives and seas filled with lava. This terrifying sight would send anyone shuddering.

But this was the most important place in the Underworld, according to his memories.

Greedy Wolf walked to the side of the flaming sea and looked into the boiling lava below. A bubble of gas rose to the surface and popped loudly.

Anyone who fell into this sea of lava would melt away in an instant and disappear from the world.

Greedy Wolf watched the lava for an entire minute before raising his hand and stomping one foot hard.

The ground shook and the lava boiled even more fiercely than before. It shot into the air and went up as high as three meters.

The heat intensified as it surrounded Greedy Wolf and threatened to melt him.

“Rise!” shouted Greedy Wolf. The lava went into a frenzy as it spun to the sides. The level of lava around the centermost part of the sea kept going down.

It didn’t take long for the hard volcanic rock in the middle to be exposed. Steam was still rising from the surface of the rock.

Greedy Wolf took a step forward and flew as lightly as a sparrow onto that piece of volcanic rock. The soles of his shoes sizzled as they landed on the rock.

His eyes lit up and gleamed brightly as he looked at the rock he was standing on.

“Open!” shouted Greedy Wolf. The rock started to tremble and there was a crack beneath his feet.

A black box flew up in front of him.

He caught it with his hand and opened it. There was a black pearl inside that looked just like the one that had nearly overtaken his body. It gave off a cold and vicious sort of air.

“This thing is more useful than the water from the Longevity Pond,” murmured Greedy Wolf.

After checking the contents, he closed the box again, stuffed it into his jacket, then turned and left. The lava crashed back down to fill the sea once more, boiling and roaring angrily.

Greedy Wolf went to a secret place that he had been protecting all this time. Nobody else but him knew about this place.

It was in the depths of a deep and dark mountain, and the entrance to the cave was suspended halfway up the mountain.

Greedy Wolf went up to the mountain peak, then leapt off the peak, hopped lightly from rock wall to rock wall, to finally land on a platform. An ordinary person would never have been able to do such a thing.

So even if someone else had discovered a cave here, getting here was almost impossible. Any misstep would cause one to fall to their death.

He went into the cave. The dim cave was filled with a faint fragrance.

Both sides of the cave was covered in little purple flowers, and this was the time of the year they bloomed the prettiest. They only needed a little sunlight and some dew to grow well.

“I’m back,” said Greedy Wolf.

Nobody in the cave replied to him.

He walked all the way into the deepest part of the cave. The crystals in the wall of the cave gave off a gentle glow, so the cave wasn’t entirely dark.

A stone platform carved from transparent rock stood right in the middle.

Those purple flowers surrounded the platform, and a person was lying atop the platform.

Just like those flowers, this person was in a long purple dress with purple hair pins in her hair, while her fair fingers were placed on the two sides of her body. Her curvaceous figure was apparent even while just lying there.

“I miss you.”

Greedy Wolf’s gaze had a rare moment of gentleness as he walked to the platform and looked at the woman sleeping on it.

Even though he couldn’t get any response out of her, his voice and gaze remained gentle.


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