Billionaire God of War Chapter 2332

Chapter 2332

Greedy Wolf quickly defended himself, “No! How could I possibly do that?”

He knew that he had been in the wrong the last time. He didn’t expect Celaine to still remember that.

“I’m sorry,” he said very seriously. “I know I was wrong. But it was because I love you and I simply can’t accept the idea of you becoming someone else’s woman, so I…”

She shook her head. “I’ve always been his woman.”

He took a deep breath and tried to suppress his anger.

These were words he didn’t want to hear. The moment he heard them, he would get angry and feel like killing someone.

But the woman before him was the woman he loved the most. No matter what she did wrong, he could forgive her for it.

“Greedy Wolf,” she continued to shake her head. “Don’t be so stubborn anymore, alright? The one I love is him and that has always been the case. No matter how much you change yourself, you will never be able to replace his position in my heart, even though he’s already dead.”

“But why? WHY?” Greedy Wolf did his best to hold himself back. “In what way do I lose to him? I’m not any less powerful than he is! He died at my hands!”

He started to become rather emotional. Even after a hundred years, he had still lost?

Even though that fellow was dead, Celaine still couldn’t forget him? But why?

Celaine didn’t say anything and looked towards Greedy Wolf with some sympathy and pity in her eyes, which made Greedy Wolf’s heart sink right to the bottom.

He had become so powerful and invincible, but he still couldn’t win this woman’s heart.

But instead of getting even angrier, Greedy Wolf calmed down again.

“I won’t give up,” he said as he looked at Celaine. “Stay by my side. At least, you’re alive, so I still have hope.”

Celaine didn’t say anything.

She would rather that she died and didn’t know anything. She couldn’t bear to see Greedy Wolf like this.

He really didn’t have to be this way. There was no point.

“At least, give me a chance,” said Greedy Wolf. “Won’t you give me a chance and get to know me better? Won’t you? One year! Just one year! If I still don’t become the man of your ideals, I will let you leave my side and I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Celaine finally nodded.

Greedy Wolf never behaved disrespectfully towards her just because he had become even more powerful than before. He continued to respect her and treat her as someone sacred.

He knew that Celaine didn’t like him near her, so he kept his distance from her, did not touch her or affect her mood. He gave her as much freedom as she needed.

Besides the fact that she did not love him, there was nothing about her that displeased him.

Greedy Wolf brought Celaine back to the Underworld and added another throne next to his own, to show how important she was to him.

All 18 Court Chiefs had to treat Celaine with utmost respect.

“Greetings, Miss Celaine,” shouted everyone in unison.

Celaine sat on the throne next to Greedy Wolf and turned to look at him.

“They respect you like they respect me,” he said to her.

“From today onwards, seeing her is the same as seeing me!” he declared loudly. The rest of the court shouted in reply, “Yes, Your Highness!”

Their voices echoed loudly and grandly in the main court.

Celaine never expected Greedy Wolf to be so much more powerful than he was before. She never knew about such a place.

She didn’t know how she ought to react, but for as long as she didn’t say anything, the other men continued to kneel, so she had no choice but to nod and say, “Please rise.”

“Thank you, Miss Celaine!” replied the 18 chiefs in unison.

Celaine knew that this was the first thing that Greedy Wolf wanted to do for her.

But she didn’t know what Greedy Wolf wanted to do next, and she didn’t know what place this was. Also, who were these people kneeling before them? Everything was a mystery.

Meanwhile, back in Greencliff.

Ethan walked out of the study. He had been in there for days, sorting out all the memories in his mind.

The three terms, the Underworld, the Heavenly Palace and Greedy Wolf had been replaying in his mind nonstop.


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