Billionaire God of War Chapter 2333

Chapter 2333

“Those old myths and folklore are no longer just stories. These people aren’t just fictional characters anymore.”

Once all of this turned out to be real, reality suddenly became very terrifying.

Ethan went straight to the research lab to look for Professor Aronnax.

In order to get more information, this professor had gone crazy trying to unravel the secrets below the tip of the iceberg.

When Ethan walked into Enoch’s office, the books had already piled up at the door and blocked his way.

He took a big step in and finally managed to get past the obstacles at the door, but didn’t see Enoch.

“Professor Aronnax?” Ethan called out.

A small pile of books collapsed and a person emerged from it. If he didn’t already know this face, Ethan would have thought a caveman was here.

Enoch looked for his spectacles, put them on and said, “Ethan? You’re back. Tom said that you’ve been back for a while but you’ve not had the time to come over.”

“I had to spend time thinking through some matters,” replied Ethan. “Any new discoveries on your side?”

Enoch climbed out from the piles of books and wiped his face, then shook his head. “Nothing much, I need to confirm several things. Tom said you’ve discovered a lot of things this time.”

He figured that Ethan was here to tell him what he had discovered.

“Let’s go to my office?” Enoch nodded eagerly when he saw Ethan nod as well.

The two of them walked into Enoch’s office, which had nothing but books and notes all over the place. He didn’t even have cups and tea.

He pushed away some of the documents on the sofa. “Just sit anywhere.”

Ethan didn’t mind. He knew that Enoch had always been someone very diligent in his work.

“I did discover something very huge this time,” said Ethan. “Those legends were true after all.”

“Which legends?”

“The Heavenly Palace, and the Underworld!”

These two phrases made Enoch’s expression change instantly. He pushed his glasses up and stared at Ethan. “They really exist?”

That question meant that Enoch knew a thing or two.

Ethan nodded, then proceeded to tell Enoch about everything he saw in the Heavenly Palace, including the Southern Gate of Heaven, the style of the architecture, what they looked like as well as some of the special characteristics of the carvings.

Enoch became more and more excited to hear these things and didn’t even stop to drink water. His scalp was numb hearing about these.

“It’s the Heavenly Palace! The Heavenly Palace! It really is! I can’t believe this place really exists! That means the folklore and legends we know aren’t just fairytales. They’re actually real!”

It was hard for Enoch to stay calm. He felt like an archeologist who had discovered a grave and found things inside that could change history or even the direction of civilization.

What did all this mean?

The entire world would be shaken up!

But of course, Enoch would never tell anyone else about these findings. He knew what sort of consequences lay ahead if he did so. Most people would not understand or dare to believe it anyway.

“It does exist,” said Ethan. “There are also many creepy things that I ran into which totally goes against everything I know. Science is not going to be able to explain these things.”

An old saying went, ‘the end of natural science is the beginning of the supernatural’, but nobody thought anything of it. It was too hard for most people to reach the end of science, so very few would be able to understand the true meaning of this.

Enoch sighed. “Humanity is really very miniscule. The more I understand, the more I feel this way.”

“But what I’m worried about now is whether these new findings are good or bad.” He looked at Ethan. “We would love to discover more, but many times, these are things that didn’t want us to find them in the first place. Once they’ve been exposed, they might not be anything good, and might bring us disaster instead.”

This was why he had always been very careful.

“I think you might be right,” said Ethan suddenly.


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