Billionaire God of War Chapter 2334

Chapter 2334

Enoch took a deep breath and looked very seriously at Ethan. So was this a good thing or a bad thing?

But if Ethan had that sort of guess, then it probably wasn’t anything good.

Things were often like this. The more one knew, the more dangerous and uneasy one would become.

“But if it’s really like this, then what can we do?” he sighed.

He was just a scholar and couldn’t help Ethan with anything besides doing research on these matters.

This was a big matter, and it could be something that could possibly affect all of humanity. The worst part was that they couldn’t publicize this matter at all, otherwise this could raise public alarm.

In other words, Ethan had to take all of this upon himself.

He’s really a hero, thought Enoch to himself.

If there were really heroes in this world, then it had to be Ethan. He didn’t know exactly how much this young man had taken upon himself all these years, but he knew that whatever he was going to take on next was going to be way too much for himself.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do,” said Ethan after going into deep thought for a while.

He wasn’t kidding. There was really nothing they could do now.

The Heavenly Palace had been destroyed, and even though the Longevity Pond still existed and looked like it might be able to revive the place, reviving all of the Heavenly Palace was really too difficult.

Besides, Greedy Wolf was still alive.

This was something that puzzled Ethan greatly. He had gone missing and Ethan couldn’t sense his presence anymore, but he still came out alive anyway. Ethan was sure that Greedy Wolf must have had a supernatural encounter like himself.

If it were someone else, Ethan wouldn’t be worried. But he knew what sort of person Greedy Wolf was.

The extent of his ambition, viciousness and overbearing nature was difficult for anyone to imagine.

What would someone like him to do if he obtained a limitless amount of power?

Ethan couldn’t predict that for sure.

“I really can’t imagine how insane this world really is anymore,” said Enoch with a bitter laugh. He looked at all the information before him, which he had painstakingly sorted out over all these years. This information could be said to be worth millions, but it could also be completely worthless.

“No matter how insane it gets, there’s a limit,” said Ethan. “You don’t have to be too worried.”

He fiddled with his paper cup.

“I’ll take care of it,” said Ethan.

He was the only one who could settle this matter.

The most urgent matter at hand was to find out where Greedy Wolf had gone. He was a time bomb that could go off at any time, and nobody could predict when.

Ethan got up. “I won’t disturb you any longer. Let me know if you’ve got anything.”

With that, Ethan left. Enoch sat by himself for a long time without saying anything. It was hard to say what he was thinking about.

After suddenly receiving so much information that confirmed his guesses, it was hard to accept everything so quickly. Ordinary folks might have not been able to accept it at all.

Brother Geoff was waiting at the door when Ethan walked out.

He opened the car door for Ethan.

“How are you guys coming along in your training?” asked Ethan.

“We’re stable now and with guidance from Master, we’ve managed to break through our bottleneck. But we want to become even stronger,” said Brother Geoff as he drove.

Their gifting was limited, and everyone knew this. But none of them gave up the possibility of becoming stronger because of this. Humans could defy their fates. That’s what they constantly told themselves.

Before Ethan came along, everyone looked down on them and thought they were hopeless. Only Ethan believed in them and gave them a chance to grow. Otherwise, who would have thought a bunch of ordinary men would reach where they were today?

“Opportunities come with risk,” said Ethan. “The choice is in your hands.”

“We might have to face a truly violent battle ahead, and we might lose some people, including myself,” he said very calmly. “I know none of you will be afraid, but you still ought to be mentally prepared.”

Ethan wasn’t afraid either. He was a victor of many battles and was no longer affected by death. Now that he had gone through a transformation, he knew even more clearly than before how heavy the responsibility on his shoulders was.


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