Billionaire God of War Chapter 2335

Chapter 2335

Ethan had to protect everyone.

“Yes, we know that well.” Brother Geoff nodded and glanced at Ethan in the rear mirror. “Death is not something we’re afraid of.”

“We’re afraid that we won’t get to fight alongside you.”

Ethan started laughing, and so did Brother Geoff.

After he got home, Ethan spent time with his daughter. Peter Pan sat and watched them as he drank his tea leisurely. He could tell that something was bothering Ethan. He also knew that for as long as Greedy Wolf wasn’t dead, Greedy Wolf remained one of the world’s greatest crises.

“Go and play,” said Ethan with a smile. Kye immediately ran off merrily with her kite in hand.

He went to sit at the stone table with Peter Pan.

“Have you made a decision?”

“Yup,” Ethan nodded. “The Heavenly Palace needs to be rebuilt.”

The memories he had inherited told him clearly that there was a reason why the Heavenly Palace absolutely had to exist. The Underworld had gone all out to destroy the Heavenly Palace for the sake of attaining a particular goal. And now that Greedy Wolf was in charge of the Underworld, things would only get worse, because this man had great ambitions.

“How are you going to rebuild it?” asked Peter Pan. “The Heavenly Palace is gone and not a single one was left alive. If Greedy Wolf decides to lead the Underworld in another uprising, nobody will be able to defeat them.”

Peter Pan knew that he himself wasn’t Greedy Wolf’s match anymore.

Greedy Wolf had gotten more powerful and had risen to another level. Who else, besides Ethan, stood a chance against him?

“No, there’s still us,” said Ethan.

The Longevity Pond had not completely dried up, so that was their hope and their chance.

“As long as the water in the Longevity Pond has not dried up, we still stand a chance,” said Ethan.

He couldn’t think so far ahead now, and could only take one step at a time. But he also knew that if the Underworld decided to attack, that would spell disaster for the world.

Also, Ethan had decided that this time, he wasn’t going to wait for Greedy Wolf to get the Underworld organized and launch an attack. Ethan was going to take the initiative to attack them first.

“We need to help everyone to evolve and improve,” said Ethan. “That’s the only way we can fend off the Underworld and keep Greedy Wolf under control.”

If necessary, he would kill Greedy Wolf, even if it meant that he had to die trying.

Ethan was already mentally prepared for that.

Peter Pan could tell that Ethan was prepared to do this, and a tinge of shock flashed in his eyes. He didn’t expect things to escalate to this point. He wanted to ask about it, but he knew that Ethan might not tell him even if he asked.

The young fellow was always like that. He always just took everything upon himself.

“If you need me for anything, just let me know. This life of mine belongs to you,” he said.

That was all he could say.

“It’s enough for you to help me protect Princess and the rest of my family.” Ethan poured himself a cup of tea.

This battle was his to fight, and he was going to bring Brother Geoff and his men along.

Peter Pan needed to help guard over Greencliff and protect the Palmer family as his final line of defense. Ethan knew that if he failed this round, the consequences might be very severe.

“Sure, I’ll promise you that.” Peter Pan nodded.

Ethan didn’t say anymore. He finished his tea, then went back to playing with Kye. He had to cherish every moment he had with her, because nobody knew what would happen in the future.

Peter Pan remained seated and sighed. He didn’t expect things to turn out like that.

“If I had known this earlier, I would have gone all out to kill Greedy Wolf, no matter what it took.”

Greedy Wolf had been frightening because of his nature, and Peter Pan could have defeated him back then when he wasn’t so powerful yet. He didn’t expect things to become like this.

An ambitious man coupled with formidable power made everything go out of control.

Also, what sort of place was the Underworld? What did the people in there want?

This was a time bomb that nobody knew when it would explode. How were they going to protect themselves against it?


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