Billionaire God of War Chapter 2336

Chapter 2336

None of them could tell what Greedy Wolf would do next.

They could only watch and wait, and make some preparations in advance.

Ethan didn’t tell Peter Pan too much either. He was still uncertain on some matters, so he was going to wait until he had fully comprehended all these new memories of his.

In no time, he brought Brother Geoff and the rest out.

Since the Longevity Pond in the Heavenly Palace had already been revived, Ethan wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity, regardless of whether it was for himself or for his men.

He had experienced firsthand what the water in this Longevity Pond could do.

Even someone as old and close to death as Peter Pan had the chance to extend his life by so much. If his men were able to get some of this water, they would have a chance to transform themselves.

No matter what, his men didn’t want to miss this chance.

Peter Pan remained in Greencliff to protect the Palmer family, while Ethan and the rest went to Minstrel Mount, picked up Evan along the way and headed for the Heavenly Palace.

Ethan was now different from before.

After entering the passageway, everything went on smoothly. To his surprise, the undead he ran into the last time didn’t dare to go near him anymore, as if his presence alone was enough to hold them back.

“What did this place use to look like?” Brother Geoff found it hard to imagine as he looked around. They had arrived at the boulder forest. The barrenness of the place felt somewhat oppressive.

All they saw were rocks. Rocks of all shapes and sizes.

“This should have been its natural form, right?” said Evan as he looked around as well. “It’s just rocks and boulders everywhere. If we get lost here, does that mean we’d become a rock too?”

It was just a casual comment, but Ethan turned to look at Evan with a little shock when he heard this.

He had never thought about it this way.

The last time he came in with Greedy Wolf, those rocks had charged for him as if they were alive. He had tried to analyze them with formation lines, but didn’t notice any pattern. He just felt like those rocks were alive.

He had never thought of the possibility that these rocks might have once been humans.

“Master, what’s wrong? I was just making a casual remark,” said Evan.

“I think what you said might actually be true,” said Ethan with a smile. “Come along now, let’s not remain here for too long, in case something bad happens.”

He led the way and everything went through smoothly without anything bad befalling them. It was as if he had a strange connection to the Heavenly Palace after sitting on that Dragon Throne.

Ethan didn’t know how to describe or talk about that feeling.

They continued to walk and finally reached the broken Southern Gate of Heaven.

Even though part of it was broken and collapsed, the majestic structures left behind still exudes an aura of grandeur.

The rest were in shock and felt their breathing quicken. Just standing there made them feel a slight pressure weighing on themselves, and they found it a little hard to breathe.

“The Southern Gate of Heaven…” Evan took a deep breath. His face was slightly pale. “This sort of place seriously exists?”

Even though Ethan had already told him about it, seeing it for himself was completely different from hearing about it from someone else.

They all stood with their eyes and mouths wide open, and didn’t know what to say. They suddenly felt like falling to their knees in worship, as if this was truly the Heavenly Palace of ancient folklore.

This was a place chronicled in martial arts legends, a sacred place for martial artists.

“But too bad, this place has been destroyed.” Ethan sighed.

For some reason, he felt very upset and despondent when he said these words.

It felt as though his own home had been destroyed.

He was never one to be swayed easily by external influences, but this was not the first time that this place had affected Ethan’s emotions.

“Big Boss, will we be able to rebuild this place?” Brother Geoff looked at Ethan. “If you want to rebuild this place, then we’ll definitely be able to!”


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