Billionaire God of War Chapter 2337

Chapter 2337

“We’re willing to do whatever it takes to rebuild this place!” Brother Geoff seemed rather worked up and wasn’t sure why he was saying these things either. It was as if he had been affected by Ethan, and he also felt the urge to rebuild this place.

The white mist swirling around them made them feel a little stuffy.

The entire place was in ruins now, but it wasn’t hard to see that this place used to be luxurious and grand. This place used to be the mighty Heavenly Palace, a place that one could only dream of entering.

“Why did the people from the Underworld want to destroy the Heavenly Palace?” Evan was puzzled. “What were they trying to achieve?”

Ethan didn’t answer him.

He didn’t know the answer either.

If he knew the reason, he would have made preparations accordingly.

But he didn’t know anything now, and all the memories he had were merely snippets. Many things were still a blur and still a mystery.

Ethan walked in front, while the rest followed behind him, sighing as they looked at the broken walls and rubble around them.

“Here’s the 33 step staircase. We have to go up to get to where the Longevity Pond is,” said Ethan. “I have to tell you that this staircase is not any ordinary staircase. The gravity pull on each step will keep increasing and become very terrifying. So you must wait until your body is able to take the gravity pull of each step before advancing to the next step, you hear me?”

He emphasized his point, “Do not, I repeat, do not push yourself unnecessarily!”

“Got it!”

Ethan remained by the side and allowed the rest to go up first so that he could ensure their safety.

After that reminder from Ethan, everyone readied themselves for what was to come. Brother Geoff was the first one to go up. He took one step up and his expression faltered as he looked a little strangely at Ethan.

That expression made everyone else hesitate to start on the steps.

“What’s wrong? Can’t take the pressure already?” asked Evan.

“That’s not it.”

There was no stress on Brother Geoff’s expression. In fact, he looked like he was having an easy time.

Brother Geoff took a few more steps and even jumped about a few times. Even Ethan was shocked.

The gravity pull didn’t change?

“The gravity pull here is still the same,” said Brother Geoff. “It’s the same as the first step.”

He didn’t suspect Ethan’s words or think that Ethan had lied to them. But it was true that the gravity pull hadn’t changed like what Ethan told them.

“I’ll give it a shot.” Evan took a deep breath and got ready to go up. But he didn’t experience any change in gravity levels either.

“What’s going on?” he exclaimed. “Master, nothing’s changed at all. Are the stairs faulty or something?”

Ethan didn’t say anything.

He took a few steps up and a terrifying pressure immediately weighed down on him.

The actual pressure didn’t bother Ethan since he was much stronger now, but that proved that the stairs weren’t faulty. The change in gravity was only targeted at certain people.

“All of you give it a try too,” said Ethan.

The rest of the men went up, and didn’t face any change in pressure either.

This place seemed to react only to Ethan. How very strange.

“Does it only have an effect on you, Master?” asked Evan.

Some of them continued to walk even further up without any issues. But every step that Ethan took became more and more tedious.

The staircase did this to nobody else but Ethan.

The rest of them looked at Ethan in confusion. This staircase was only mean to Ethan.

“Go up first.” Ethan didn’t know what was going on either.

He had brought so many of them along, but all of them went up the stairs without any issues. They could even run and jump without feeling any effects. He could take the pressure without much problem, but he could certainly feel the change in gravity pull.

There was no difference from the last time he came.

“Could this place be prepared just for me?” asked Ethan.


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