Billionaire God of War Chapter 2338

Chapter 2338

That was the feeling that Ethan got.

It seemed like everything here had been prepared for him. Everything that appeared in this place was targeted at him.

They seemed completely useless against everyone else.

When he watched the wolves climb up all 33 steps without a hitch, Ethan nearly couldn’t believe it.

He had spent so much effort just to climb these stairs. There were so many times when he nearly caved in and lost his life.

Did that mean he wasn’t as strong as Brother Geoff and the rest?

That couldn’t be true.

“Big Boss, perhaps this place was really prepared just for you,” said Brother Geoff. “In other words, this place has been waiting for you all this time.”

It was rare for Brother Geoff to say something so philosophical, but Ethan didn’t have the mood to tease him about it.

Regardless of the real reason, it wasn’t time to talk about such things now.

“Come along now, let’s go to the Longevity Pond.”

Ethan didn’t want to waste any time, because things might suddenly change. He had no idea what was happening on Greedy Wolf’s side and didn’t want to give him any additional time. He had to make full use of every minute to prepare as best as he could.

He brought his men into the palace. The fallen stone pillars continued to give off an oppressive aura, as if this place really shouldn’t have become like this.

That Dragon Throne too – all the men felt their breathing quicken when they saw it.

That was a real Dragon Throne made from white jade!

“Is that the seat reserved for the lord of the Heavenly Palace?” murmured Evan to himself. “Master, have you sat on it before?”

Ethan’s heart trembled.

He had indeed taken a seat on it before. The last time, he didn’t even know why he was so drawn to the seat and had no idea what was going on either. But he ended up walking over, sitting down on the Dragon Throne and inheriting those memories.

Everything seemed to have happened so naturally and nothing seemed out of place then. But when he thought about what happened, everything seemed so strange and magical.

“Could this place really be waiting for me?” thought Ethan to himself.

“Alright, let’s not talk about all this. Hurry up and follow me.”

He cast aside all his other thoughts and led everyone across the palace and towards where the Longevity Pond was.

Before they even reached the pond, they could already hear the gentle sound of water flowing.

A mist swirled in the area and the place before them looked otherworldly. When they breathed that mist in, they were instantly energized!

“This feels really good!” said Brother Geoff. “The air here is really refreshing!”

The only word he could think of was the word ‘refreshing’. His vocabulary was limited, so that was the best he could muster. But he could sense that this refreshing air was slightly different from what the word really meant.

Most of the time, refreshing air just felt fresh because it wasn’t polluted by dust or other particles.

But the refreshing feeling he got from the air here seemed to contain some form of energy.

It was as if it was alive, so after breathing it in, this air spread energy to all parts of his body from the lungs, making each and every cell of his come alive!

It was a truly magical feeling.

“Is all this mist coming from the water inside the Longevity Pond?”

Evan walked over cautiously. He had noticed from afar that the surface of the pond was brimming with mist. Each breath made one feel like floating.

That comfortable and soothing feeling in his body was simply wonderful.

The pond continued to bubble with water.

Ethan hadn’t expected the Longevity Pond to start filling itself up after he left that day. The pond was already about two thirds full, so it wouldn’t take long to be completely filled up again.

That was a lot of water!

He could already sense the powerful and surging energy coming from the water.

Could it be true that the water from the Longevity Pond was able to make one live forever?

“Everybody, hold up,” said Ethan. “Let me check it first.”

He walked over to the pond and looked down. The water was so clear that he could see the bottom of the pond easily. If not for this strange mist, he wouldn’t have found it any different from a regular stream in the forest.

Ethan stuck his hand into the water. It was a little cold, and the moment it hit his skin, he felt all his pores open!


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