Billionaire God of War Chapter 2340

Chapter 2340

Time slowly ticked by. The wolves and Evan were still leaning against the walls of the pond and sleeping without moving.

Their snores filled the air like a very nasty symphony. If Ethan didn’t have to stick around to protect them against any possible harm, he would have run away from this noise pollution.

An hour passed and none of them moved.

Two hours passed, and they were all still sleeping. None of them woke up.

Three hours later, Ethan didn’t see them show any signs of waking up.

It was as if they hadn’t slept in a long time and they were going to rid their bodies completely of any exhaustion all at once.

Ethan had already checked and confirmed that their lives weren’t in danger, so he wasn’t worried either.

Over the past two years, these men had lived very hard lives and suffered a lot as they went with him to fight the rest of the world, and often spent time on the brink of death.

They were truly tired and needed a really good rest. This was a rare opportunity for them to do so.

Ethan remained seated by the side and waited quietly. He didn’t interrupt them and let them slowly transform into something better.

The water in the Longevity Pond continued to bubble out and the mist that evaporated from its surface made the pond look more like a hot spring. It was a rare chance for these men to relax themselves like this without the need to be on the lookout at all.

As their bodies soaked in the water, that energetic mist went into their bodies through their pores, changing them from the inside.

This was a lot gentler than how Peter Pan had used herbs to forcibly open up their pores in order to bring out their hidden potential.

In fact, the water was also slowly repairing all the wounds and damage their bodies had suffered over years of fighting and training. It was truly magical.


Within the Underworld.

No matter where Greedy Wolf went, he insisted on bringing Celaine along.

Celaine had rejected him before, several times, but Greedy Wolf insisted. He wanted her by his side for a period of time. If she still couldn’t accept him after this period of time had passed, he would stop insisting and allow her to leave.

She didn’t say anymore and just followed him through the Underworld. She had never heard of this strange and mysterious place before.

It was covered in volcanoes, the air felt like it was burning all the time, and the weather was gloomy. She wasn’t used to it and she really wondered how anybody could still survive in such conditions.

Also, there was no indication of day or night here, and she couldn’t see the sun either, so she had to use some other things to tell time. For example, bloodcurdling screams would only occur at nightfall.

The ghostly howls sounded like thousands and thousands of vengeful spirits screeching away.

The first time Celaine heard these noises, she had been frightened. But after she had gotten used to it, she became merely curious. Where did those sounds come from? Why did they resound throughout the entire place?

“What are you trying to do?” She followed behind Greedy Wolf and used her steps to measure the length of the Underworld. “Am I allowed to know?”

“As long as you want to know, I’ll tell you,” said Greedy Wolf. “I won’t hide anything from you.”

He glanced at Celaine, then pointed at a mountain in the distance. “Do you know what that mountain is?”

Celaine shook her head.

“That’s a grave.”

Celaine was surprised. A grave?

“Over there, over there, and those over there too. They’re all graves.”

Celaine felt her heart start to pound wildly.

So, all the mountains inside this place were actually graves?

Who was buried inside them?

“In the past, the Heavenly Palace and the Underworld remained two different entities that never crossed each other. The Heavenly Palace was the lord of the light, while the Underworld was the lord of the darkness. But after a war between the two, it was destined that only one side could exist.”

It was clear that the memories that Greedy Wolf had inherited were much more than what Ethan had inherited. He knew a lot more about what happened.

“Only one can exist?” asked Celaine. “So what’s happened to the Heavenly Palace?”

“The Heavenly Palace has been destroyed, of course,” replied Greedy Wolf flatly.

The Heavenly Palace was now in ruins and even their lord had died without leaving a single person behind. But all 18 Court Chiefs of the Underworld were still around, and he, the Demon King, had been reborn and had returned.


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