Billionaire God of War Chapter 2341

Chapter 2341

The Demon King had lost his previous form and failed in completely overtaking Greedy Wolf, even getting taken over by Greedy Wolf instead. But his power remained, and Greedy Wolf would be able to use it to its fullest potential.

“But it seems like the Heavenly Palace is reviving.”

Greedy Wolf narrowed his eyes and thought of Ethan.

That fellow was actually still alive.

He simply couldn’t understand. When he saw Ethan that day, he was sure that Ethan was no longer alive. How could he still be alive now?

But according to the information he had received, Ethan did not just survive, but he also inherited some things from the Heavenly Palace. Since he had inherited the power and memories of the Demon King, then Ethan must have inherited what the lord of the Heavenly Palace had left behind.

The memories in Greedy Wolf’s mind told him that as long as the lord of the Heavenly Palace could pass all its things on, the Heavenly Palace would be able to revive.

And once it revived, the Underworld would face the threat of destruction!

How could he possibly let such a thing happen?

Celaine looked at Greedy Wolf and hesitated.

“But regardless of whether it’s the Heavenly Palace or the Underworld, I don’t think either has anything to do with you, right?”

Greedy Wolf had always been someone who cherished his freedom and never liked to be bound by anything, so why would he care about any of this? The only thing he pursued was the limits of martial arts. He wanted to become the strongest man in this world.

Celaine knew this very well.

“In the past, it had nothing to do with me. But now,” Greedy Wolf shook his head, “it has everything to do with me.”

“I’m not only Greedy Wolf, but I am also the Demon King of the Underworld!”

He looked at Celaine and said, “I have to guard and protect the Underworld and make sure that the Heavenly Palace never revives. Because once the Heavenly Palace revives, the Underworld will have to be destroyed…”

Only one power could remain standing, while the other one had to completely disappear from this world.

That battle had caused the Underworld to suffer such severe damages. It had taken so many years of rest and recuperation for it to recover to this extent today.

Even though the Heavenly Palace had been destroyed, as long as it had even the slightest chance of reviving, Greedy Wolf was going to nip this chance in the bud!

This was especially since this chance was now in Ethan’s hand. He had to attack as soon as possible and not give Ethan any chance.

He knew very well what sort of person Ethan was. Once he had the time and a chance, then Greedy Wolf was doomed.

Ethan had to die!

Even though Greedy Wolf had a rather threatening look on his face now, Celaine remained calm and was just slightly surprised. “You’ve changed.”

“I haven’t.” Greedy Wolf shook his head.

“I still love you. No matter what happens, this will not change. I will keep waiting for you.”

He never hesitated or thought twice when he confessed his feelings. These were words from the bottom of his heart and he didn’t need to think about how to phrase them.

“You didn’t like being bound by anything in the past. You never cared about status or this sort of power. But now, you’ve changed,” said Celaine. “So what do you intend to do for the sake of these things? Kill someone? Who are you going to kill this time?”

Greedy Wolf glanced at her and didn’t speak.

He walked to the edge of the cliff and looked out at the boiling volcanoes in the distance, and the cloudy oppressive air surrounding him. Compared to the environment of the Heavenly Palace, the Underworld was truly unsuitable for humans to live in. But it was this sort of place that could really train one’s will.

If only one out of the two powers could remain standing, then the last one standing would be him.

If Ethan wanted to revive the Heavenly Palace, then he had to kill Ethan.

There was no question about this, and there was no other possibility.

“As long as anybody is in the way, I will kill that person!” declared Greedy Wolf domineeringly after a long period of silence. “Anybody who tries to stop me deserves to die!”

He turned to look at Celaine. His sinister eyes were emanating a chilling air, as if these words were meant for Celaine. Even if Celaine were the one trying to stop him, she had to die too!

“I want to become the strongest in the world, the only person at that level!” said Greedy Wolf. “Only I will stand at the highest point of the world. Everyone else must obey me. Do you understand?”


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