Billionaire God of War Chapter 2342

Chapter 2342

Greedy Wolf’s ambition had grown and it was now beyond belief.

Celaine looked at Greedy Wolf and found him rather unfamiliar. He seemed like a completely different person from her memory of him.

Back then, Greedy Wolf was audacious and pursued the peak of martial arts too. But he wasn’t this crazy, and he only demanded the best out of himself.

But now, Greedy Wolf was willing to stoop to anything just to achieve his own aim.

Anyone who blocked his way had to die!

“You’re insane, you’re totally insane,” said Celaine as she shook her head. “I said you’ve changed, and I wasn’t wrong.”

Greedy Wolf glanced at Celaine.

“Fine, I admit, I’ve changed. But so what? Shouldn’t a man pursue strength and power?”

“Shouldn’t a man want to become the strongest person in the world?”

“Did you think Broken Soldier was any better? He was like this too! All of us are like this!”

Greedy Wolf continued to mutter, “But he wasn’t strong enough, so he died, and died at my hands. If he were strong enough, then you would have been able to see him and stay by his side, no?”

If he wasn’t powerful enough, then he wouldn’t be able to go about doing anything he wanted. What he wanted was absolute freedom to do anything he liked.

He loved Celaine and cherished her greatly. But according to his understanding of the world, he needed absolute power and strength in the world to keep Celaine by his side forever.

It didn’t matter even if she didn’t love him.

“I’m tired.” Celaine didn’t want to say anymore. Sadness was written all over her face. “Send me back.”

She didn’t know what she ought to say to Greedy Wolf.

Perhaps what she said didn’t matter. Nothing would go in. Greedy Wolf now was no longer that man she knew from long ago.

He was no longer that man who would listen to her and do many things for her in order to woo her.

He seemed like a completely different person now.

Or rather, two different people were living inside his body. One was Greedy Wolf, while the other was the real Demon King of the Underworld!

That stare he gave her made him seem very unfamiliar to her.

Greedy Wolf didn’t say anything. He just looked at Celaine for a long time, then nodded. The way his eyes glinted made her feel like there were two people inside him who kept exchanging places.

“Sure, let’s go back.”

He sent Celaine back to her room, while he headed for the main court.

He looked at that stone throne in front of him without moving. He just stood like a statue for around half an hour.

“Was I wrong?” said Greedy Wolf. If Celaine were here, she would have noticed that the voice who just spoke belonged to someone else and not Greedy Wolf!

His double pupils appeared, then quickly disappeared and turned cloudy.

His head trembled slightly and he couldn’t help but clutch his head. The extreme pain made all the veins on his forehead bulge.

“Get lost!” This was Greedy Wolf’s voice!

“You’re still around?! Get lost!” roared Greedy Wolf loudly. He didn’t expect that a portion of the soul of the Demon King was still inside his body. Hadn’t he already swallowed that other soul whole?

“I am the rightful Demon King…” the voice of the Demon King echoed continuously. It sounded rather weak, but kept repeating and didn’t seem to disappear.

Even though Greedy Wolf had absorbed most of it and left very little of it outside, it could still function as long as there was some.

Greedy Wolf roared and suppressed that little bit of the Demon King’s soul. He reverted to normal after that.

But he knew that this Demon King wasn’t an easy character. He had been lucky enough to escape being taken over by the Demon King, but it was hard to say what else would happen in the future.

He had to find a way to completely suppress it or get rid of it.

“The Longevity Pond.” Greedy Wolf lifted his head and looked into the distance. “My chances of living are still not good enough. Absorbing the power of the Demon King is only one aspect of it. If I can swallow the inner core of the Longevity Pond, then I will really gain immortality.”

These things existed according to his memory. That was also why the Demon King of the Underworld had led troops from his 18 Courts to attack the Heavenly Palace. It was for the sake of attaining the inner core of the Longevity Pond!


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