Billionaire God of War Chapter 2343

Chapter 2343

That was also the inner core of the Heavenly Palace.

Attaining the inner core of the Longevity Pond was equivalent to having endless life.

The Heavenly Palace would not be able to revive, and the Underworld would go on forever.

“Men!” Greedy Wolf turned and sent his energies soaring, which made his voice resound loudly throughout the Underworld like thunder. No matter how far from the main court the 18 Court Chiefs were, they were all able to hear him. They stood up at the same time.

“Gather your men and prepare for battle!” Greedy Wolf sounded a little maniacal and domineering. “In three days, we’re going up to the Heavenly Palace and we’re going to raze it to the ground completely!” he gave the order.

He was going to the Heavenly Palace again not only to obtain the inner core of the Longevity Pond, but also to find the body of the Demon King. He was going to completely destroy the Demon King’s corpse!

“Yes, Your Highness!” replied all 18 Court Chiefs in unison.

Greedy Wolf kept his energies away again, turned around and slowly sat down.

He was the only person in this huge hall, which seemed filled with loneliness and tragicness. But Greedy Wolf wasn’t bothered by any of this.

Even if he needed company, he only needed one, Celaine. Even if the whole world ceased to exist, having Celaine by his side was enough.

Meanwhile, back at the Longevity Pond in the Heavenly Palace.

Ethan had been waiting there for a long time now.

All the men were still soaking in the pond and in deep sleep. They didn’t look like they were waking up anytime soon.

An entire day had already passed. He was surprised at how long these fellows could sleep.

If he hadn’t felt their life energy increasing and strengthening over time, and their lives were clearly not in danger, he would have been worried that something bad had happened to them.

Time ticked by slowly.

Ethan didn’t know when they would wake up, so he went to sit cross legged by the side and started to think about the formation lines he had learnt from the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

As he gained a deeper and deeper understanding, the more mysterious he found them to be.

The world around him, even this Heavenly Palace and the Underworld, could all be described with formation lines. They were like a special sort of script that could create the entire world.

Just thinking about it was incredible enough.

But Ethan knew that the formation lines on the manual were possibly incomplete and were unable to create all things. He had to learn and study it continuously so as to comprehend more and discover even more.

Ethan stretched his fingers out and drew some lines in the air. Several beams of formation lines started moving, instantly creating a mini formation.

He used his finger to touch it lightly, and the formation lines glowed faintly to form a smooth mirror. It was as if he was looking down from the sky. He could actually see what was happening in Greencliff right now!

It was as if a camera was pointed at the Palmer family’s bungalow. He could see Kye playing in the field with Peter Pan behind her, carefully protecting her.

“It’s really amazing,” said Ethan to himself. “As long as I establish a connection between the two dimensions and send information to it, I’ll be able to see a real time image. That’s even more incredible than a surveillance camera connected to the internet.”

It was way more incredible. He just needed to set up a mini formation at home, and he would be able to see what was happening no matter where he went.

This was something that science and technology couldn’t explain. Even Ethan wasn’t able to explain it in detail either. Most of it was just a feeling he had.

A faint smile appeared on his face as he watched Kye play. The feeling of being able to see his daughter was difficult to describe.

“Formation lines can be used to describe a million and one things, but emotions are something it’s unable to describe or create.” Ethan’s heart trembled as he suddenly thought of this.

He had tried many times to use formation lines to create a lot of things. He had created houses, cars and even very complicated machinery. Everything physical could be created with formation lines.

But something like emotions could not be created.

So this was considered a lost civilization? Or rather, an incomplete civilization?


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