Billionaire God of War Chapter 2347

Chapter 2347

While Ethan was busying himself in Greencliff, the atmosphere in the Underworld was a little oppressive.

Greedy Wolf’s return put a stop to all the plans the 18 Court Chiefs had to rule over their own territory separately. This made them rather unhappy.

They knew that the Demon King was indeed back, but their ambitions had grown after so many years. They weren’t going to give in so easily.

Some of the younger Court Chiefs in particular, had not been around when the Demon King was in charge and had no impression of his rule.

They wanted to become the Demon King too!

Even Darius, the one whom Greedy Wolf had slapped, was no different.

In front of Greedy Wolf, he had to maintain a high level of respect and he didn’t dare to rebel openly against Greedy Wolf. That would certainly get him killed.

But he refused to bow down to Greedy Wolf. He absolutely refused to!

“My dear fellow Court Chiefs, I don’t suppose any of you want the situation you’ve fought so long and hard for to change, do you?”

Darius had invited a few of the Court Chiefs whom he was closer to for a visit. He said he was just inviting them for a chat over tea, but everyone knew what he really wanted to talk about.

Even though that slap had landed on Darius’s face, it was also a slap in their faces.

“But he’s the Demon King, so what can you do about that? He’s still very powerful. Not as powerful as before, but definitely a force to be reckoned with,” said the 8th Court Chief, Vinny Tucker. “I recognize this feeling.”

He had gone through that era, but he wasn’t the Court Chief back then. He hadn’t had the right to follow the Demon King to that battle against the Heavenly Palace. He only knew the result.

The ones left behind only knew that the Demon King and some Court Chiefs had perished in that battle. Those who survived came back with severe injuries, but they had quietly stepped away, allowing new people to take their place.

Nobody understood why they gave up their positions of power, but nobody asked them about it either.

“Darius, what do you intend to do?”

Darius glanced at him and his expression became threatening. “I want to get what I want the most! Don’t all of you want the same thing? Do you want to be the ruler or the slave? You pick.” He scoffed.

If they could rule over one Court of soldiers independently, then they would be king of that Court and live for themselves.

But if Greedy Wolf was around, then they would all be nothing but Greedy Wolf’s dogs!

Even though they were Court Chiefs, they were just dogs with a title!

Darius didn’t want to remain in this situation and neither did the rest.

“What plans do you have?” asked the 9th Court Chief, Juan Cady, calmly. “I’ll say it first. My choice is the same as yours.”

His gaze landed on Darius’s face.

He was even younger than Darius, but was a more steady and mature person. Since everyone was already on this topic, everybody knew that this was a chance to choose what they wanted.

Once they made their choice, it was clear who was a friend and who was an enemy.

“It is true that the Heavenly Palace is showing signs of revival,” sneered Darius. “We can make use of them to send the Demon King on his way, then wait to enjoy the spoils left behind.”

He wasn’t stupid. He knew that if they fought the Demon King themselves, they would suffer tremendous losses and might even lose their own lives. There was no need to do that.

If they could get someone else to kill the person they wanted to get rid of, why do it themselves?

“Are you sure those people will help us?”

“He’s not helping us. He’s helping himself,” said Darius.

He scoffed and had a sly look on his face. “If the Demon King is reinstated, he would only make a mess of this world. We’re going to be miserable, and they’d be even more miserable.”

“If they want to live, then they have to kill the Demon King. But in order to kill the Demon King, the Heavenly Palace must be rebuilt. Do you think the Demon King would allow this to happen?”

It didn’t take a genius to know that Greedy Wolf would never allow the Heavenly Palace to be rebuilt. Only one side could exist, so he would make sure that the Underworld existed and the Heavenly Palace was destroyed!

They exchanged glances and could see the decision made in each other’s eyes.

Darius smiled. “All of you just have to listen to what I say, and everything will go smoothly. But of course, you’ve got to understand one thing since all of you have chosen to betray him.”

“You might die for this!”


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