Billionaire God of War Chapter 2349

Chapter 2349

Such highly active growth factors might be even more dangerous than certain chemical products. Most people’s bodies were unable to take it, and even those who had gone through a lot of internal changes like the wolves might not be able to take it either.

“I’ll test it on myself,” said Ethan.

“You want to test it on yourself?” Enoch was rather surprised. This was a dangerous thing to do.

“Besides myself, there’s nobody else who fits the bill,” said Ethan. “Since you’re able to separate it, then that’ll be easier for me to get things done. You guys continue researching on it, if you discover anything new, just let me know.”

He didn’t waste any more time and just left the lab with the substance they had separated from the water.

He didn’t go home.

Since he was going to test it on himself, it could be dangerous. He wasn’t going to go home and make them worry.

Ethan was not that kind of person.

He went to the Extreme Martial Arts Academy and instructed Ivan to make sure nobody went near the training room. He was to be alone inside.

Ivan got everything ready for him as well. If anything happened, then he would be able to help Ethan immediately.

Inside the training room.

Ethan poured a mouthful of the water inside the little bottle into his mouth and swallowed it all.

In that instant, he felt like he had downed a glass of vodka. A burning sensation immediately overwhelmed his heart.

It went from his throat down to his stomach. A surge of energy instantly started boiling within him.

Ethan widened his eyes. This hit was really not simple at all.

He quickly adapted to the situation and felt the changes in his body.

After he swallowed that mouthful of water, he observed how those growth factors entered his body and how they spread to the rest of his body.

“That’s amazing. It’s water from the Longevity Pond alright.”

Ethan discovered that his body seemed to be changing. He didn’t expect the water to have an effect on him as well. Even though it wasn’t as obvious as the effect on Peter Pan, he could still feel it.

It seemed like a catalyst of sorts that could rejuvenate the cells, making the muscles stronger and the bones harder.

He carefully felt all the tiny changes in his body, including every inch of his skin. He wanted to make sure he knew how this water worked inside a body, and he also wanted to find a way to make this process less shocking to the body.

Ethan tried again and again. It didn’t affect him much, but he felt a little bloated after drinking too much of it.

He remained in the training room for one day and one night. If he wasn’t sure that Ethan was fine, Ivan and the rest would have barged in by now.

“Mr. Hunt has locked himself inside the room just to drink water?”

“And he’s been drinking it for an entire day?”

“That’s insane!”

They knew that the water that Ethan was drinking was something even more frightening than absinthe. Even the wolves didn’t dare to drink it directly, but Ethan had been drinking it for one day and one night.

“He’s doing this for everyone,” said Ivan. “If he can find a suitable way for us to use this water, then that’s a good chance for all of us to improve our lives.”

It was especially useful to someone like him who was getting on in age. The water from the Longevity Pond could help to regenerate their blood and energy, making them stronger and live longer, even if it couldn’t really turn back the clock.

Everyone was really hopeful, and they all hoped that Ethan would succeed.

He had never let them down all this time, so they were sure he would be able to do it.

“Elder Tanner, someone outside is looking for the principal of the academy,” someone came running in and reported politely to Ivan. “He looks a little strange.”

Ivan frowned slightly. “A stranger?”

“Yes. We’ve never seen him before and he doesn’t exist in our database. He’s not a world renowned fighter either, but he doesn’t seem ordinary.”

Ivan nodded.

He glanced at the training room. “All of you, get more people over and make sure that Mr. Hunt is not disturbed. I’m going out to see who’s looking for him.”


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