Billionaire God of War Chapter 2354

Chapter 2354

Ethan shook his head and told himself not to place any hopes on others.

No matter what situation it was or what circumstances he was in, the one he could rely on the most was still himself. That was his conclusion after many years of experience.

He took a deep breath. His eyes seemed to be sparkling like the stars.

There was a slight tremor as flames appeared next to Ethan and surrounded him.

The flames were reddish on the outside, but the innermost part was dark blue. They were close to Ethan but didn’t affect him at all, as if they were merely an illusion.

Ethan stretched his arms out and drew several formation lines in the air. He was using formation lines to create flames.

Once the formation lines were successfully drawn in the right way, flames sprouted out immediately. It looked completely magical.

Ethan poured the Longevity Pond water and let it float on top of the flames. It continued to flow and surround him as it became entangled with the flames.

If anyone else was here to witness this scene, they would probably exclaim in shock.

This was simply too magical.

This completely surpassed any person’s knowledge of how this world worked. You probably needed a special effects artist for this.

But Ethan could achieve this now.

After his understanding of formation lines had gone one step further, Ethan was able to create almost anything he wanted.

He could use formation lines to create anything one saw in everyday life. He could even create something as basic as fire.

He was like a creator who had the power to sculpt everything from scratch. This ability was the formation lines he had comprehended from the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

The flames sizzled as it boiled the water and caused any other impurities in the water to evaporate.

Ethan was very careful. He had an idea and was about to try it.

All of a sudden, the water splashed out and the flames were instantly extinguished.

“So it’s another failed attempt?” Ethan didn’t look disappointed and looked rather excited instead. “That critical point looked like it might have had the best results. I should hold it for at least ten seconds.”

“Let me try again…”

He didn’t give up. These two words didn’t exist in his dictionary.

Now that Darius had appeared and helped him to understand a number of things, he had to make full use of whatever time he had to make preparations in advance.


After walking out of the Extreme Martial Arts Academy, Darius did not leave immediately.

He knew that there were people watching him in the shadows. Everyone walking along Greencliff was one of Ethan’s and they were all watching his every step.

He didn’t mind. In fact, he wished that Ethan would place more importance on him.

“You will come and look for me,” he murmured. “But if you’re going to wait till the Demon King is ready to strike, then it might be too late.”

He didn’t have much time, but he wasn’t getting antsy.

Or at least, there was no point in getting antsy as long as Greedy Wolf didn’t know he and the rest were going to betray him.

This was especially so after interacting with someone like Ethan. Even after just one meeting, Darius could sense that Ethan was no simple person, and was probably just as difficult to handle as Greedy Wolf.

This reminded him never to let his guard down. He was betting his life on this, so if he wasn’t careful, he might die.

Darius didn’t leave Greencliff. He walked around and eventually landed up outside the Palmer family bungalow.

Before he even got near, several people immediately appeared from afar and stood in front of the bungalow on high alert.

Darius just laughed. He didn’t intend to go in. He just wanted to tell Ethan that he knew where he lived, and he knew where everyone he cared about, like his wife and child, lived.

If he didn’t have to, Darius wouldn’t do anything extreme. But when the situation called for it, nobody knew what he might do.

“If my life were this blissful, I wouldn’t want to fight either. But sometimes, it’s not up to you,” said Darius in a profound tone of voice.


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