Billionaire God of War Chapter 2356

Chapter 2356

Greedy Wolf was still very calm. He didn’t seem to have any reaction to such words anymore.

“You are very important.” His voice was very flat. He didn’t need to repeat exactly how he felt about her.

Celaine knew how he felt but she refused to believe him and refused to acknowledge them. But that didn’t affect the way Greedy Wolf felt.

He had always been like that. He never cared about what others thought and only cared about what he thought.

“Go out and play then. Have fun,” said Greedy Wolf.

After seeing Greedy Wolf’s calm demeanor, Celaine didn’t say anymore.

Actually, she did feel a little moved by him.

How long had it been? She couldn’t even keep track of time herself. But all this time, it was true that Greedy Wolf’s feelings toward her had never changed.

Even though the world had changed completely and so much time had passed, this man still felt the same way about her regardless. It was impossible for her not to feel moved at all.

But she didn’t say anything and left.

When she walked out of the main gate of the Underworld to look at the modern and developed world around her, she couldn’t help but exclaim in wonder.

“So much has changed.”

She wondered how many people she knew were still left in this world.

After so long, everything had changed. Even if the places looked the same, the people in them were different.

She continued walking on aimlessly. Even though she attracted a number of curious looks because she was wearing clothes from an ancient time, nobody suspected anything.

This was an era where anyone could wear anything. There were other girls who enjoyed wearing clothing from her time as well.

“Miss, where did you buy this dress from?” someone suddenly called out to Celaine and asked her with a smile. “It’s so pretty!”

Celaine was considered a great beauty and her features were gorgeous. Even after being in deep sleep for so many years, her skin had not aged at all. So even though her body was actually very old, she still looked like a young lady.

If these passersby knew that this woman was way older than even their great grandmothers, their eyes might fall out of their sockets.

Celaine pointed at herself. “Are you asking me?”

“That’s right. Your dress is really pretty and you look so stylish in it. We want to know where you bought it from.”

The few girls who came to talk to Celaine were clearly hobbyists who liked clothing from this era. So when they saw what Celaine was wearing, they simply had to stop and ask her about it.

“Oh, I made these myself,” replied Celaine honestly.

“You made them yourself?”

“Are you a fashion designer?! Oh my god, that’s amazing!”

“That’s really amazing! You’re my goddess!”

The girls asked her several more questions after that. Celaine was really surprised and at a loss. She never thought that someone would treat her as a goddess just because of what she wore.

This era was really quite different from the past.

She continued to walk on aimlessly. Every move she made was elegant and charming, making her look like a fairy who had descended from the heavens.

As she walked on, she turned many heads. They were all surprised that such a fairy-like woman still existed in this world.

“Hmm?” Celaine suddenly stopped in her footsteps. She looked towards the east and narrowed her eyes slightly.

“I didn’t expect someone I know to be still alive.”

Besides Greedy Wolf, who else from her era was still around?

That man was already dead and he had died at Greedy Wolf’s hands. Others existed in her time as well, but very few caught her attention.

Celaine didn’t hesitate and headed straight where her gut feeling led her.

Meanwhile, in Greencliff.

During this time, Ethan had shut himself in the training room of the Extreme Martial Arts Academy and concentrated on refining the water from the Longevity Pond.

He had already found a way of using the fire formed by formation lines to refine and extract the essence of the water such that the wolves could consume it.

Over at the Palmer family bungalow.

Kye had been following Peter Pan around for the same number of days.

“Master, what is Daddy busy with? He hasn’t played with me for days.” Kye pouted and looked a little unhappy.

“He has important matters to attend to,” said Peter Pan with a smile.

“What matters? Are they more important than me?” Kye was even more unhappy now.


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