Billionaire God of War Chapter 2357

Chapter 2357

“Haha! Of course they aren’t!” Peter Pan reached out to rub her little head and messed up all her hair. “There’s nothing more important than Princess in the world. Or at least, that’s what I think.”

“Teehee! Master is the best!” Kye flung her arms around Peter Pan’s neck and grinned as she kissed him on the cheek. “Master, when Princess grows up, I’ll be good to you too!”

Peter Pan’s heart was about to melt.

He looked at the tooth pendant hanging around Kye’s neck and his expression suddenly faltered.

“Hmm?” This was something that he had given to Kye to protect her and keep her safe. But now, the pendant was actually glowing faintly.

Peter Pan couldn’t help but feel his emotions tremble.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Kye looked down at the pendant. “Is this thing faulty?”

“Not at all.” Peter Pan smiled. “I think that Princess looks so nice wearing this!”

“Of course!”

Kye loved hearing others compliment her and wasn’t shy at all.

She jumped off Peter Pan and started hopping and skipping towards the courtyard like a carefree little pony.

Peter Pan followed behind her to ensure her safety at all times.

This girl was as precious as his life!

Suddenly, a figure appeared from afar. She noticed Kye and the pendant from afar, and Peter Pan had noticed her too. He took a deep breath and wondered if he was seeing things.

“Ooh! It’s a fairy!” exclaimed Kye as she leapt up excitedly. She ran towards Celaine who was walking towards the main gate. “Are you a fairy?”

“Princess, don’t go there!” Peter Pan got a shock and flew to where Kye was in an instant. He scooped Kye into his arms and looked warily at Celaine.

“Who are you?” He couldn’t believe his eyes. How could Celaine still be alive? And how could she appear in this place?

“Seven Kill,” Celaine looked at Peter Pan with a conflicted expression in her eyes. “I didn’t expect you to still be alive too.”

Judging from what she said, Peter Pan was sure that this woman was really Celaine. But…didn’t that mean she had been raised from the dead?

Didn’t that mean that Greedy Wolf had succeeded?

What methods did that scoundrel use?

Peter Pan’s expression was conflicted as he continued to stare at Celaine warily. It had been many years, so he didn’t know what Celaine was like now.

“So, you’re with Greedy Wolf now?” He looked rather angry.

If Greedy Wolf hadn’t used such an evil ploy, Broken Soldier wouldn’t have died and he wouldn’t have suffered severe injuries and lost his memory. Celaine was Broken Soldier’s woman! And now she was with Greedy Wolf?

Peter Pan certainly didn’t approve of this.

“That’s the pendant that I gave to you.” Celaine didn’t reply to his question and just looked at that pendant.

Peter Pan’s pupils constricted. “If you want it back, I’ll give it back to you!”

“Master, this pendant…” Kye immediately clutched onto the pendant and shook her head. “Isn’t this a present from Master?”

“Princess, since someone else wants it back, then we’ll give it back. Master will get you something better next time!” said Peter Pan.

When she heard those words, Kye let go of the pendant as she pouted. She didn’t want to give it up, but since Master had already said that she couldn’t have it, she wasn’t going to keep it.

“Miss Fairy, I’ll return this to you then. Master said we should give it back,” she said as she reached up to remove the necklace.

Celaine couldn’t help but laugh.

“Silly little girl, who said anything about taking it back? Don’t listen to your Master, he refuses to grow up and behaves like a child.”

She looked at Peter Pan and sighed. “He’s just upset with me. If I really wanted it back, can you really bear to give it back to me?”

Peter Pan didn’t say anything.

Of course he couldn’t bear to part with it. This pendant was something that could really protect Kye. He could throw his pride away or even his own life, but he had to protect Kye!


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