Billionaire God of War Chapter 2361

Chapter 2361

Peter Pan knew that Ethan was a very careful man who would think through every single possibility before taking action.

This wasn’t something he liked to do. Using his brain required too much energy.

The wolves would be happy to hear him say this. They didn’t like using their brains either.

“I was thinking of getting you to control them,” said Ethan. “After thinking about it, I still think it’s better to wake them up. I have to make use of this source of power.”

Peter Pan took a deep breath. “Humph, so you’re going to be the good guy and I have to be the bad guy?”

“Master is not a bad guy!” interjected Kye immediately as she remained in Ethan’s arms.

Peter Pan immediately smiled. “Of course I’m not. I’m joking with your Daddy.”

He glared at Ethan. This fellow had purposely said this in front of Kye so as to make him agree to it.

“It’s not a big problem for me to control those little b*stards.”

If he said he couldn’t handle them, then Kye would look down on him!

“Also, they’re all trained in different things and specialize in different moves,” said Ethan. “You can see if they’ve got anything good that they can teach Kye. You only have this one precious little disciple, so it’s good if they can teach her more things.”

He had no choice but to just keep nodding when he saw that naughty look on Ethan’s face. This fellow was like a despicable merchant, trapping him with such words.

Peter Pan had no way out of this. And even if he did, he was not going to get out of it anyway.

He grabbed Kye off Ethan and scoffed, “Fine! I’ll take care of my disciple! You’re really good at being a hands off father, huh!”

“Princess, let’s go!” said Peter Pan. “Your father doesn’t think I have anything else to teach you, so let’s show him what we’ve got!”

“Yay! Master is great! Second best in the world!”

“I’m the best!”

“I’ll rank you second best for now, okay? Daddy can still hear us.”

“He can’t hear us now.”

“Then Master is number one! Best in all the world! Yay!”

Ethan couldn’t help but chortle.

This old man was really like a child. When he was playing with Kye, the two of them were just like two kids.

He took a deep breath and his expression slowly calmed down. It was rather cold and distant now.

Greedy Wolf!

He had been sorting out the memories in his brain all this time, and he was sure that Greedy Wolf was doing the same thing.

Indeed, just as Ethan had thought, Greedy Wolf was still sorting out all the additional memories in his brain.

He had to continually process the Demon King’s memories to understand more about the Underworld and the Heavenly Palace. He had to slowly sift through and pick out only the pieces of information that were useful and meaningful to him.

He was himself and the Demon King was the Demon King. The Demon King’s objective and ambition was not necessarily the same as his, but if he wanted something, he was going to get it!

He didn’t mind using the power of the Demon King and the Underworld to get what he wanted!

Inside the main court of the Underworld.

Greedy Wolf had long gotten used to being alone.

He had allowed Celaine to walk out and didn’t seem worried that she might just decide to leave him forever. He wanted to prove that he loved her enough. As for whether Celaine loved him or not, that was up to her.

It was really difficult to understand why Greedy Wolf was so obsessed.

He slowly opened his eyes and exhaled deeply.

“So you launched an attack on the Heavenly Palace for the sake of this.”

His gaze darkened and his double pupils appeared again. But this time, his second pupils were different from before. They seemed to be deeper now.

They were like a galaxy. One look would make one fall in and drown!

Greedy Wolf got up and waved his hand. A strong wind instantly blew towards him and enveloped him. In just a few seconds, he disappeared completely.

The next minute, Greedy Wolf was standing in the middle of a volcanic lake deep within the Underworld. He looked at the dried up lake bed with a fairly stern look on his face as he stood in the deathly stillness.

“Is there only one Eye of the Spring left?”


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