Billionaire God of War Chapter 2362

Chapter 2362

Greedy Wolf frowned deeply as he looked at the dried up lake bed.

As he continued to process all the memories from the Demon King, he finally knew why the Demon King launched an attack on the Heavenly Palace. He was after this Eye of the Spring.

Since the beginning of time, there were only three Eyes of the Spring.

The Heavenly Palace had one, the Underworld had one, and the location of the last one was unknown.

The Eye of the Spring within the Heavenly Palace was within the Longevity Pond itself. The Demon King had attacked the Heavenly Palace for the sake of getting the Eye inside the pond, but even after paying a terrible price to destroy the whole place, he found out that the one inside the pond was also nearly all dried up. Even if he brought it back to the Underworld, it wouldn’t be of any help.

The destruction of the Heavenly Palace was proof that the Eye within the Longevity Pond was useless.

And what was the use of an Eye of the Spring?

That was the true source of life!

The Heavenly Palace was bubbling with so much life force because of the water in the Longevity Pond.

The Underworld was the same.

The Demon King wanted immortality. He wanted true immortality, so he needed one Eye!

And now, it was Greedy Wolf’s turn. He too, wanted true immortality. He never wanted to die.

The amount of internal energies he had now was enough for him to live for another few centuries, but he would still have to grow old and eventually die.

He refused to accept this.

The Eye of the Spring.

He had to find that last Eye and restore the Underworld. Then he would be able to truly attain immortality.

“Where could it be?” Greedy Wolf took a deep breath and his double pupils gleamed. “I’m going to find it. I’m definitely going to find it.”

There were some clues within his memory, but he needed a little more time. Once he found this last eye, it didn’t matter whether the Heavenly Palace could rebuild itself or not.

As long as he was able to attain true immortality, everything else was unimportant.

At the same time, Ethan was also trying to make full use of the time he had.

He used the fire made from formation lines to refine the essence of the water from the Longevity Pond. This essence was not as potent, as the wolves would not run into any issues consuming it.

His plan was to let the wolves have it first and increase their prowess. As for those men who were previously awakened, he would leave Peter Pan to control them. He was sure that Peter Pan would be able to keep them in line with his temperament.

Given the current situation, that was the only choice Ethan had.

Just like how Greedy Wolf was processing the memories from the Demon King, Ethan was also processing the new memories in his mind.

The words ‘Eye of the Spring’ have appeared more than once now. Each time it appeared, it incited worry in Ethan and made him feel uneasy.

He didn’t know how to describe this feeling, and because the memories were not complete, he wasn’t able to ascertain exactly where that Eye was. But Ethan had a strange feeling that Eye was right next to him.

This was a strange feeling, but it was a strong one. Ethan couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Brother Geoff and the rest of the wolves stood in the field at the back of the house.

“All ready to go?” Peter Pan looked at them. “Don’t worry, I’ll be watching over all of you. If you can’t take it, call for me.”

He was already mentally prepared to help if any of them was unable to withstand the effects of the water.

Ethan poured the essence he had created into small bottles, and everyone got one bottle each.

“Go one by one,” said Ethan. “There are risks involved here, so I want to be careful.”

If they drank it at the same time and they all reacted badly, then he might not be able to save all of them in time. So Ethan preferred to err on the side of caution.

“I’ll go first!” said Brother Geoff immediately.

When it came to anything dangerous, he insisted on going first and never let the rest bear the risk.

“I’ll go first! How dare you fight with me?”

“All of you, move aside! You guys are always fighting for the limelight!”

All of them immediately started fighting each other to be the first one to test the water. If there was anything wrong with it, they wanted to be the one to bear the brunt of it.


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