Billionaire God of War Chapter 2363

Chapter 2363

“Shut up, you guys!” Brother Geoff couldn’t be bothered with them. He opened the bottle and glugged everything down. Then he turned to glare fiercely at the rest of them. “All of you, don’t move! Drink only if I turn out fine!”

Peter Pan just watched them from the side. These silly idiots were really loyal to one another.

After Brother Geoff drank it down, he told Ethan how he felt. “Nothing really, it’s like drinking plain water, but a little sweeter. Big Boss, did you add sugar to this thing?”

He smacked his lips cheekily even.

All of a sudden, his face paled and he stiffened up. Huge beads of sweat started rolling down his forehead.

“What’s happening to you now?” asked Ethan.

“It’s a little warm!” replied Brother Geoff. “It’s as if a fire is blazing in my stomach, now it’s reached my lungs, my heart, my limbs are going numb…”

He tried his best to tell Ethan everything his body was feeling. All of this would be useful to Ethan, so he didn’t want to leave out any information.

“I can’t move anymore. It’s really painful and I think my blood vessels have burst.”

Brother Geoff took a deep breath. His body was trembling violently, but he simply couldn’t move an inch.

Everyone could see blood clots forming under the skin of his arms and his arms were getting swollen.

His blood vessels had burst!

Everyone else was terribly anxious and wanted to help, but they didn’t know how to.

“Don’t panic,” said Ethan in a steady voice. “Continue feeling what’s happening to you.”

He knew that burst blood vessels was a dangerous state to be in. But this was the refined version of the Longevity Pond water that was at a less potent concentration. If Brother Geoff drank it without any processing, he would have been dead by now.

Even someone at Peter Pan’s level had screamed out in pain. There was no way the wolves would have been able to endure it.

Brother Geoff didn’t speak anymore because he couldn’t. He pursed his lips and his face was all red as his entire body tensed up.

He could hear his own heartbeat. It was going so fast, it was truly terrifying.

It felt as if it was about to leap right out from his own body.

“The blood clots are disappearing!” yelled out Number Six.

The blood clots in Brother Geoff’s arm slowly began to fade, as if it was being absorbed back by his body.

A black substance oozed out from his skin and carried a foul odor.

“It’s really effective,” said Peter Pan.

Before this, he had helped the wolves to cleanse their bodies from unnecessary toxins too, and they knew what this black substance was. But it required something as potent as the water from the Longevity Pond to flush out this level of toxins.

The pained expression on Brother Geoff’s face also slowly disappeared.

He could feel that his body was changing.

“It feels great,” Brother Geoff started speaking again. It was clear that he was a lot more relaxed than before.

He looked at Ethan. “I feel like my blood vessels are mending themselves and there’s this heat that keeps flowing through my limbs and the rest of my body, repairing everything that’s broken.”

“This feeling is really soothing. It’s like how…when we used to train until we reached the point of exhaustion, and we felt really great the next day after a good night’s rest.”

His expression was more and more relaxed, and his arms could move again.

Ethan knew that Brother Geoff’s transformation had been a success.

It had taken no more than ten minutes in total. Brother Geoff finally exhaled deeply and took a step forward.

“I think…I’m done.” He raised his arms and felt the changes in his body.

“Number Five,” called out Ethan. “Spar with Geoff.”


Number Five immediately dashed over. He didn’t dare to put too much strength into his punch initially because he was afraid that Brother Geoff was still weak. But when their fists collided, Number Five flew right out, crashing and rolling on the ground several times before finally coming to a stop.

Brother Geoff was astounded, and so was everyone else.

Number Five sat on the ground, rubbed the dirt off his face and started cursing, “Bloody hell, that’s incredible! What an improvement!”

“This is insane!” He immediately stood up and couldn’t wait as he grabbed his own bottle and opened it. “I don’t care, I want to become strong too! I want to become strong too! I’m going next, all of you are not to fight with me!”


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