Billionaire God of War Chapter 2364

Chapter 2364

This time, none of them wanted to give in to the other. After seeing the amazing effect the water had on Brother Geoff, nobody wanted to be left behind.

All these years, they had always been like this. In times of danger, they fought to be the one right in front so that their fellow wolves wouldn’t be in harm’s way.

But when it came to times like these, nobody wanted to trail behind the others either.

All of them ignored Ethan’s earlier instructions and just opened their bottles, then drank everything down. They were afraid of being slower than the next person.

“These stupid little brats!” cursed Peter Pan. “Didn’t we tell you to go one by one? Not listening to instructions now?!”

He had been so worried earlier that something might go wrong. But the way these fellows fought really touched his heart.

When faced with danger, everyone wanted to be right in front. When faced with good stuff, they also fought to be in front.

They couldn’t be bothered with the earlier instructions. Once they opened their bottles, they drank everything down, then concentrated on what was happening to their bodies. They didn’t dare to be too careless about it.

Drinking of this water carried its own fair share of risk, so nobody dared to let their guard down. If they weren’t careful, they might lose their lives instead of improving their bodies. That would be terrible.

Ethan and Peter Pan also remained on high alert and watched the wolves carefully. Even though the water had gone through a process, it was still dangerous and they had to watch for any signs of trouble.

Brother Geoff stood to one side and also kept a lookout for the rest of the wolves, disregarding whether his own body condition had stabilized or not. He didn’t want them to be in any danger.

In just a few moments, some of them began to groan. They had all tried to endure the pain, but the amount of pain they felt made even tough men like themselves groan uncontrollably. It was clear how terrifying the searing pain inside their bodies must be.

More and more groans and howls filled the air, and Peter Pan couldn’t help but curse at them again.

“What did I tell you? I told you to do this one by one! What are all of you howling about? You’re now a bunch of noisy idiots!”

But nobody was listening to him because the pain they were going through was too difficult for anybody to bear. Even though Number Five wanted to argue back, he didn’t even have the strength to speak. His forehead was already perspiring profusely.

Even though Peter Pan’s words were harsh, he still walked over to take a look at Number Five and made sure his life wasn’t in any danger before moving onto the next person to check.

His eyes were also filled with worry, and the wolves could see that.

Time slowly ticked by. Everyone held their breaths and focused their attention, not daring to let their guard down at all.

Finally, the noise died down, and they could all smell a foul odor in the air.

“It’s a success, everyone’s safe,” said Ethan.

He breathed a sigh of relief too. He had been worried that something would go wrong, or someone would get injured, or worse, someone might die.

He was the one who had thought of refining the water this way. If he couldn’t ensure everyone’s safety, he would feel guilty.

“I can feel a change now! It’s a very obvious change!” Number Six clenched his fists. That surging energy within them told them clearly that their bodies were very different from before.

“It’s as if there’s air inside my stomach, and an unending amount of energy is rising from it. This feeling…” Brother Geoff tried to describe the feeling he had.

He wasn’t good with words and he wasn’t sure how to describe this feeling either.

But when he heard this description, Peter Pan widened his eyes and stared at Brother Geoff.

“You said you feel air in your stomach. Is it coming from here?” He pointed at a section of his lower abdomen.

“Yes, yes, that’s exactly where it’s coming from,” replied Brother Geoff. “There’s this feeling of air spinning round and round inside that makes my entire body feel nice and warm.”

“I didn’t expect that.” Peter Pan exchanged glances with Ethan. “I didn’t expect the water to have such an effect.”

“All of you have truly metamorphosized! This is Energy, your Vital Force or Energy! Only truly high level martial artists would have this Energy!” Peter Pan laughed loudly. “From today onwards, all of you have entered into the next level!”

The wolves were still a little confused and didn’t quite understand what Peter Pan was talking about.

“Advanced Grandmaster,” said Ethan. “All of you have reached the Advanced Grandmaster stage. With this Energy inside you, your prowess will be able to improve by leaps and bounds.”


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