Billionaire God of War Chapter 2367

Chapter 2367

“If nobody else has any objections, I’ll start.” Darius’s expression was one of a lunatic.

“I know of something that can find the thing that he wants,” said Vinny all of a sudden. “But that thing seems to be broken and it’s not very accurate.”

“I see that the 8th Court Chief understands the situation the best. I don’t need it to be accurate. In fact, the less accurate, the better. Because the most accurate one shall be me. I’ll decide on what’s accurate and what’s not.”

The domineering expression on Darius’s face surprised the other Court Chiefs.

They had known each other for several years now, but this was the first time they realized how insane Darius’s level of ambition was. It was enough to shock them.

Such a person was capable of doing anything.

Even if Greedy Wolf died and Darius took his place, would anything change?

They suddenly realized that there might not be any change, and things might even get worse.

Everyone else except Vinny left.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“This is the only way we have left. We’re all in the same boat and we’ll live and die together. They’re all too cowardly and don’t have the guts to do anything, so I’d have to do it. Of course, you’re welcome to join in, then you’d definitely get a lot more in the future.” Darius then went to the point, “Now, tell me, where is that thing?”

Vinny nodded. “Come with me.”

The two of them walked deep into the Underworld. Volcanoes were all around them, so the heat of the place began to sting the soles of their feet.

They entered the ruins of an abandoned palace. All Darius saw was a complete mess.

“This is where the Demon King used to live and lock himself up when necessary. He had used that geomantic compass to find that item. But unfortunately, the geomantic compass turned out to be faulty.”

As Vinny led Darius to the depths of the palace, the atmosphere in the dim palace felt rather oppressive and a little cold. As Darius walked behind Vinny, he kept feeling like someone was watching him.

But when he turned, there was nothing there.

“There’s something creepy about this place.” He glanced at Vinny. “I’m surprised you know so much.”

“I’m one of the older ones, so it’s not unusual for me to know these things.” Vinny had no expression on his face as he pointed to the geomantic compass covered with dust under the cobwebs. “That’s the geomantic compass.”

Darius walked over, checked that there was no danger, then picked up the geomantic compass. It was indeed broken and did not give off any vibes. It seemed like a piece of scrap wood.

“How do you use this?” he asked.

Vinny reached his hand out and sent some of his Energy into the geomantic compass. It immediately lit up. The etchings on it that went in eight different directions started glowing and even started trembling violently.

It seemed like it was trying to get away from Darius’s hand.

Darius held on to it tightly, snorted quietly and overpowered the geomantic compass, causing it to instantly go dark again.

“It’s actually a ritual instrument.” He was pleasantly surprised. “Looks like this thing is not simple.”

“He used this geomantic compass to look for that thing, but we still have no idea what he was looking for or how to use this geomantic compass. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“None of that is important. What he’s looking for isn’t important at all, since Greedy Wolf will eventually tell us. We just need to make him go to the place he wants to go.” Darius had a very insidious smile on his face.

As long as Ethan went to the same place and started fighting with Greedy Wolf, and the two of them ended up getting severely injured or even killed, then Darius and the rest could wait to take the spoils.

Just as they finished talking, their expressions changed and they looked at one another.

“He’s looking for all of us already.”

They were surprised that Greedy Wolf had come looking for the Court Chiefs. He was probably preparing to make a move already.

They looked at one another.

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely succeed this time. Then you’ll get everything you want,” said Darius.

Vinny remained expressionless.

“I just want to stay alive. Everything else will depend on fate.”

Darius couldn’t help but burst out laughing loudly. His laughter was filled with mocking, as if he felt that Vinny was aiming way too low.


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