Billionaire God of War Chapter 2368

Chapter 2368

What they wanted was more than just to live.

Otherwise, why else would they go through so much trouble and even risk their own lives?

If they just behaved themselves, listened to Greedy Wolf and did everything he said, they would stay alive for sure. But the feeling of being at the beck and call of someone else all the time wasn’t really living.

“People ought to want more,” said Darius.

After that, he stretched his hand out to let Vinny walk ahead of him. “Let’s go.”

Vinny just smiled politely and didn’t say anything.

Greedy Wolf had called all of them, so all 18 Court Chiefs quickly rushed to the main court.

They behaved like they didn’t know each other at all, and weren’t friends. Nobody looked at one another, and their focus was solely on Greedy Wolf.

The atmosphere was rather oppressive.

Greedy Wolf’s aura was like a huge mountain weighing down on everyone else, making it difficult for them to breathe, even though he was just sitting there. Darius was indignant about this and constantly told himself that he had to replace Greedy Wolf someday!

But when he was actually faced with Greedy Wolf himself, he was still fairly fearful. It was a fear that came from deep within his heart.

“Why, is something bothering you?” Greedy Wolf asked as he looked across all 18 of them, and rested his gaze on Darius’s face for a moment. “If something is bothering you, you can tell me about it.”

Nobody dared to reply to him.

They didn’t even dare to look Greedy Wolf in the eye. Their heads were bowed and they cupped their fists together politely. It was as if they were afraid that all the secrets of their heart would be exposed if they met his eye.

Standing in front of Greedy Wolf was the same as standing before the Demon King. The authoritative aura they exuded was something they possessed naturally.

Nobody said anything, so Greedy Wolf nodded.

“Since there’s nothing bothering you, then I have something for all of you to do.” Greedy Wolf leaned against his stony throne and seemed rather lazy, but the aura he exuded was still terrifying.

“I’m looking for something,” he said flatly. “But I have forgotten where I’ve placed it.”

Darius turned to meet Vinny’s eye. He didn’t expect their guess to be right.

He was secretly leaping for joy in his heart, but he remained expressionless and his face didn’t flinch.

“Your Highness, what item are you looking for?” someone asked.

“I’m looking for a geomantic compass,” replied Greedy Wolf calmly.

Darius got even more excited to hear these two words. Everything was going according to plan. Fate was definitely on his side.

Greedy Wolf was missing that part of the Demon King’s memory. If he wanted to find that mystery item he was looking for back then, he had to first locate the geomantic compass.

The geomantic compass was on Darius right now, but he didn’t show it at all.

He glanced at Vinny, but Vinny was equally expressionless and looked like he didn’t know anything.

“A geomantic compass?”

Most of them didn’t even know what a geomantic compass was, never mind which one Greedy Wolf was looking for.

“Your Highness, what sort of geomantic compass are you looking for?”

Greedy Wolf glanced at the one who asked that question and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“It’s a Heaven and Earth Geomantic Compass, and it’s right here in the Underworld, but I’ve forgotten where I’ve placed it. All of you, go look for it.” He looked at all of them. “The one who finds it will be rewarded.”

He waved his hands to dismiss all the Court Chiefs.

The 18 of them were really at his beck and call. He made all of them rush all the way to the main court only to task them with something so minor.

They all left the main court, and most of them had no idea what on earth Greedy Wolf was even talking about.

Only those with Darius knew what it was, since they were just talking about this thing earlier.

But only Vinny knew that the geomantic compass was with Darius.

The two of them walked out of the main court together.

“Luck is on my side,” said Darius. “Now that the geomantic compass is in my hands, I just need to do something to it and I can pass it to him. We’ll let this geomantic compass lead us to that thing he’s looking for.”

Vinny glanced at him. “What do you intend to do?”


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