Billionaire God of War Chapter 2370

Chapter 2370

Darius walked out of the main court proudly. He knew his plan had worked.

No matter how sly Greedy Wolf was, there was no way he would know that Darius had already done something to this geomantic compass.

The thing that this geomantic compass would find now was fixed. It would find nothing else now.

A smile slowly spread across Darius’s lips. He was looking forward to this.

Meanwhile, Greedy Wolf remained in the hall and looked carefully at the geomantic compass like he was deep in thought. He didn’t even raise his head when he heard someone walk in.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

The one standing before him was Vinny.

He remained expressionless, as if he never knew what emotions were. He came in immediately after Darius left. If Darius had seen him, he would have been terribly surprised.

“I’ve found it,” said Greedy Wolf. “But this isn’t the one I want.”

“The one you want is unable to find the thing you want,” said Vinny directly.

Greedy Wolf finally looked up and narrowed his eyes at Vinny.

“The bunch of you decided to rebel against me. Do you Court Chiefs really think you can replace me?”

“They don’t know that the Demon King cannot be replaced, but I know that very well,” said Vinny with respect. “The Underworld belongs to Your Highness in the first place, and we are but your slaves. How could we be so ambitious as to replace you?”

His tone of voice was humble, and he behaved as lowly as dust. He didn’t even dare to lift his head.

“Hahahaha! And don’t you think it’s not very good of you to betray them like this?” Greedy Wolf laughed very audaciously. He knew that Vinny was an intelligent man and he did everything for his own sake. He didn’t care about betraying him, and didn’t care about betraying his allies.

Everyone in the Underworld was just like him. They were all just as selfish as one another.

“I cannot betray you, Your Highness. The rest don’t matter,” replied Vinny directly.

Greedy Wolf nodded. He was pleased with this sort of answer.

He knew that Vinny chose not to betray him not because he didn’t dare to, but because Darius had not offered him enough. Greedy Wolf didn’t think anybody else in the world, besides Ethan, could see through others as well as he did.

He waved his hands and said flatly, “Go ahead and follow through with your plans then.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” replied Vinny respectfully.

After that, he left the hall.

Greedy Wolf wasn’t bothered by any of this at all.

From the first day Darius and the rest gathered and formed an alliance to rebel against him, Greedy Wolf already knew about it. He never brought it up because he really didn’t care.

No matter how much Darius and his allies tried to scheme and plot against him, it was meaningless in the face of absolute power.

Besides, Darius now believed that everything was going according to his plans. He had no idea that this was actually a plan within a plan. Everything he was doing was going according to Greedy Wolf’s plans!

Greedy Wolf continued to look at the geomantic compass in his hands carefully. He wasn’t bothered about whether Darius had done anything to it or not.

As long as it didn’t affect his final objective, it didn’t matter.

Also, since those Court Chiefs had managed to unite themselves and work towards a common goal, that saved him time and effort in trying to control these people.

Greedy Wolf raised his hand and the geomantic compass suddenly burst with a golden glow as it hung suspended in the air.

The eight main markings on it started trembling violently as they formed one beam of light. It shot out like an arrow and disappeared in an instant.

He looked up and saw that the beam was indeed headed towards Greencliff. It seemed like Darius knew that the only person who could possibly fight him was Ethan. Darius was a clever fellow for thinking of starting a fight and waiting to collect the spoils after that.

But to Greedy Wolf, Darius’s actions were very stupid. All those Court Chiefs were very stupid.

None of them knew that he and Ethan were at a completely different level when it came to playing such mind games. They could see through the Court Chiefs’ cheap tricks easily.

Greedy Wolf narrowed his eyes and started laughing. His laughter sounded psychotic and playful, as if he hadn’t been so happy for many years now. An idiot who thought he was clever had tried to pretend to be loyal to him. He thought that was very interesting indeed.


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