Billionaire God of War Chapter 2372

Chapter 2372

Inside the house, Diane was playing with Kye.

Mother and daughter were having fun and their laughter echoed through the house.

“Mummy, Mummy!” exclaimed Kye. “Look! My little card is flying!”

Diane had a gentle smile on her face. After giving birth to this daughter, she felt like the little girl was her entire world. Nothing was better than having Ethan, her daughter, her family and friends by her side.

“That’s right, the card is flying! Princess is amazing!”

She watched as Kye ran after the flying card and got up to follow her, so that she could catch her if she fell.

Suddenly, a golden beam of light came flying in from outside and hit Kye directly.

Diane paled.

“Ah!” Kye yelled out in shock and fear, but she soon started cheering happily.

“I’m flying! Princess is flying too! Weeee!”

She was completely enveloped by the golden beam of light, lifted up and flew right out again.

Diane was terrified.

“Princess! Princess!”

She didn’t know what just happened. Something had just wrapped itself around Kye and took her away into the air. Diane was on the verge of tears.

She shouted, “Princess! Let go of her! Let go of her!”

Diane ran out of the house after the beam of light, but Kye was already very high in the sky.

“Ethan!” she shouted. “Come over here! Hurry!”

Diane started crying as she watched the golden light carry Kye higher and further. She was going mad with anxiety.

When Ethan heard her shouts, he hurried over. He could see a golden beam of light flash across the sky at lightning speed.

“That’s Kye! Kye has been taken away!” cried Diane as she collapsed onto the floor.

Ethan got a terrible shock. He didn’t expect something like that to happen. He quickly gave chase.

Peter Pan was even angrier. His eyes reddened instantly and stomped the ground so hard that it trembled as he propelled himself towards the golden beam of light.

“Let go of my disciple!” he bellowed as he went with Ethan to chase after the light. A murderous look covered his face.

But the golden beam of light picked up speed and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Ethan and Peter Pan were unable to catch up with it.

“Tom!” Ethan called Tom Foster immediately. “Follow a beam of golden light for me! Turn on all surveillance cameras and get Zed to follow it closely! Send the drones out now!”

Tom Foster reacted very quickly and started up the defense system and surveillance cameras with Butler Zed to look for the golden beam of light. Once they caught it, they sent the drones after it.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” Ethan held Diane in his arms and consoled her, “Princess will be fine, nothing will happen to her.”

He didn’t expect something like that to happen at all.

Kye had been captured, and she had been captured in such an absurd manner. This was completely beyond what he could think of.

He didn’t need to think too hard to know who was behind this.

Who else was able to do such a thing besides Greedy Wolf?

Diane was already drowning in her own tears. Her heart broke to see her daughter being taken away like that. She was so upset and anxious that something bad might happen to her daughter that she fainted on the spot.

“Take her to the room to rest,” Ethan instructed some others to take care of Diane.

He exchanged glances with Peter Pan. They could see the murderous look in each other’s eyes.

“Greedy Wolf! I’m going to kill you!” roared Peter Pan furiously. “How dare you capture my disciple! You’re doomed!”

The one person he cared about was Kye. She was his precious disciple, so even if the gods tried to hurt her, he would fight them!

“Big Boss, we couldn’t catch it. That golden beam of light was too fast and we lost it,” said Tom Foster over the phone. He sounded guilty for not having done a good enough job.

But Ethan didn’t reprimand him for it. Greedy Wolf was now capable of many things that were beyond an ordinary human’s understanding, so he could not be dealt with using ordinary methods either.

However, since they all knew it was Greedy Wolf who was behind this, he wasn’t going to be hard to find.


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