Billionaire God of War Chapter 2373

Chapter 2373

“Where is the entrance to the Underworld?” Ethan asked.

Peter Pan replied, “I don’t know, but I know who does!”

He couldn’t care less about his pride now. If anything happened to Kye, he didn’t feel like living anymore either.

Peter Pan immediately went looking for Celaine. He found her at a scenic area along the seaside.

Celaine was surprised. She didn’t expect Peter Pan to come looking for her.

“Where is Greedy Wolf?” Peter Pan went straight to the point. “He’s captured my disciple!”

He clenched his teeth and a murderous look was spewing out of his eyes. “Tell me, where is the entrance to the Underworld!”

Celaine was shocked.

“Greedy Wolf captured your disciple?”

She didn’t think Greedy Wolf would do such a thing. The little girl was completely innocent. Why would Greedy Wolf want to capture her?

“Why did he…”

“I don’t know!” Peter Pan had no patience whatsoever. He stared fiercely at Celaine in a way that she had never seen from him before. “Tell me! Where is Greedy Wolf now?!”

Celaine could sense that given the murderous vibes that Peter Pan was giving off, he was going to thrash it out with Greedy Wolf once they saw each other. But Greedy Wolf was more powerful now and Peter Pan would definitely end up dying.

“Calm down first, let me think of what to do. I’ll go back to the Underworld and look for him, I won’t let him hurt the little girl,” said Celaine.

Peter Pan shook his head. “I’ll go and look for him myself!”

The point wasn’t about whether Greedy Wolf hurt her or not. The fact that Greedy Wolf even captured Kye was already deserving of death.

How dare Greedy Wolf capture his disciple!

How dare he!

Not even the gods would dare to!

Peter Pan was very worked up, so Celaine knew that nothing she said now would help. If she didn’t tell Peter Pan where Greedy Wolf was, he wasn’t going to let her go.

“The Underworld is in Ashburnham, and you need to use formation lines at midnight. I took down the shape of the formation lines…” Celaine gave Peter Pan the information she had, then left.

She had to stop this matter from happening. She didn’t want to see Greedy Wolf or Peter Pan die.

There weren’t many left from their era. No matter which one died, she would feel very sad.

But Peter Pan couldn’t be bothered with all this. He passed the information on to Ethan, and the two of them immediately rushed towards Ashburnham.

All of Greencliff was activated. The wolves headed for Ashburnham and prepared for battle!

None of them expected the battle to come so soon. But they were born to fight in battles.

And now, Kye had been captured. She was like a precious niece to them, and she was their senior!

Anyone who dared to hurt Kye deserved to die!

At the same time, in the main court of the Underworld.

Kye was sitting on the floor and looking very curiously at everything around her. This was the first time she was seeing all these strange things.

“What’s this? What’s that?” Her eyes were filled with curiosity. She looked up at Greedy Wolf sitting high up on his stony throne and burst out laughing. “Uncle, your clothes are so weird.”

Greedy Wolf remained expressionless, but the 18 Court Chiefs paled at these words. They didn’t expect this tiny girl to be so bold as to say such things to Greedy Wolf.

“How dare you!” one of the Court Chiefs shouted at her. “Little girl, how dare you speak like this to the Demon King! Kneel down now!”

He took a step forward and tried to make a grab for Kye.

But just as his hand touched Kye, a purple flash of lightning suddenly shot out from the pendant around Kye’s neck and hit that Court Chief’s hand.

“AHH!” The hand of that Court Chief turned black from being burnt and he was in terrible agony.

The faces of everyone else immediately paled and they took a step back. The people of the Underworld were most afraid of lightning.

Even Greedy Wolf couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

“I’m surprised that this thing is on you now.”


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