Billionaire God of War Chapter 2374

Chapter 2374

Greedy Wolf knew exactly where that purple lightning had come from. But he was surprised to find that this pendant was now on this little girl.

“Who is Seven Kill to you?” asked Greedy Wolf.

Kye looked up at Greedy Wolf. “Who’s Seven Kill?”

“A mad old man, very stubborn, and has a temperament as unyielding as rocks.”

“Oh! That’s my Master!” Kye immediately smiled as she climbed up from the floor and walked towards Greedy Wolf. She fluttered her eyes and said, “Uncle, do you know my Master?”

All the Court Chiefs were surprised by this situation.

They didn’t expect something so strange on this little girl that would make it impossible for any of them to even touch her.

Stranger still, Greedy Wolf actually knew this little girl’s Master.

“Of course I do.” Greedy Wolf looked at Kye. Her clear pair of eyes looked like the actual Eye of the Spring.

“OH! So you’re friends with my Master!” Kye became excited. “Did you agree with Master before this to bring me here to play?”

That golden beam of light had sent her flying so swiftly through the air. That was the first time Kye had experienced something so exhilarating. It was so fun for her.

Greedy Wolf looked at Kye and stared straight into her eyes. Anybody else would have bowed their heads and wouldn’t have dared to meet Greedy Wolf’s eyes.

But Kye didn’t look away at all. She didn’t have any fear in her eyes. All she had was curiosity, and a tinge of respect, as if she was looking at her own Master.

All the Court Chiefs smiled sinisterly when they heard Kye’s childish words.

They all knew why Greedy Wolf had captured her. She was merely a tool that Greedy Wolf needed for the time being, and she was bound to be killed sooner or later.

“That’s right.” To everyone’s surprise, Greedy Wolf nodded and went along with it. “I’m old friends with your Master. He said you were very bored at home, so I brought you here to play for a few days. Are you okay with that?”

“Of course!” Kye jumped up and down excitedly. She was so happy.

She went right up to Greedy Wolf and tugged on his sleeve as she grinned, “Thank you, Uncle! It’s so boring at home and I’ve played with everything there is to play with already! I wanted to go out for a long time!”

She started to tug at him, “Let’s go play a game?”

Greedy Wolf frowned slightly. He didn’t expect Kye to react this way.

The Court Chiefs were all terribly shaken. They had never seen anyone dare to speak like this to Greedy Wolf before.

Even though some of them were unhappy with Greedy Wolf and were even plotting against him, they had to admit that Greedy Wolf’s prowess struck terror in their hearts and they wouldn’t dare to provoke him.

This little girl had to be tired of living!

“Uncle, let’s go play! Come on…” Kye pouted and purposely looked very pitiful. Her eyes were so clear that they shone, making even Greedy Wolf’s heart tremble slightly.

“Alright.” He didn’t say much, but he got up and allowed Kye to pull him by the sleeve.

All the Court Chiefs were flabbergasted by this. Was this the Greedy Wolf they knew?

Was this the Demon King they knew?

He actually allowed a little girl to pull him by the sleeve and agreed to take her out to play?

They couldn’t believe their eyes at all. None of them dared to speak as they watched Greedy Wolf walk out of the main court with the little girl, until they were completely out of sight.

“That little girl was really bold. But I’m surprised the Demon King actually didn’t slay her on the spot,” said one of them.

“Humph! She’s going to die sooner or later! Stupid girl, how dare you hurt my hand! I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

The rest looked at the Court Chief who had tried to butter up to Greedy Wolf earlier. They were all equally surprised that a little girl had the ability to hurt him like that. There was a large burnt patch on his hand and it might never recover.

If he hadn’t removed his hand in time, he might have been electrocuted to death by the lightning bolt.

Darius glanced at him and ignored him. He turned to look at Vinny and nodded slightly to say that everything was going according to plan.


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