Billionaire God of War Chapter 2375

Chapter 2375

Vinny did not respond. It was as if he hadn’t seen Darius’s nod.

Everyone walked out of the main court and went their own way.

“Uncle, what place is this? Why does it feel so warm? Do you have air conditioning in your house?”

“Uncle, what’s that? Why are people hanging on the wall? Is that fun?”

“Wahhh! What a huge pot! Are you cooking something yummy?”

Kye just kept spouting question after question.

Greedy Wolf didn’t answer her at all, as if he hadn’t heard a single thing.

But Kye wasn’t bothered. She was just so curious. She looked at the different environment of the Underworld and its strange scenery. Even the feeling of breathing wasn’t quite the same.

There were all these weird straggly rocks and black rivers. Even the willow trees by the river had black leaves. That was completely different from what she had seen back home.

She wasn’t scared at all, and was just curious. This place was so fun because it was full of things that she had never seen before.

“Uncle, Princess is hungry. Do you have anything to eat? Mummy says I must not be picky, so I’ll eat anything Uncle has,” said Kye with a bright smile as she purposely rubbed her little tummy.

“Okay.” Greedy Wolf said very little. This was the only utterance he made all this time.

He glanced at Kye and wondered to himself. Peter Pan was like a child himself, so how could he have the patience to disciple a child like Kye?

But before he could think any further, Kye was waving her palm to get Greedy Wolf to squat down.

Greedy Wolf stared at her. “What do you want?”

“Carry me.” Kye looked very upset. “Princess can’t walk anymore.”

Greedy Wolf was taken aback. Carry her?

He had never carried anyone before. And nobody had ever dared to order him so directly before.

He shook his head and refused. “Walk on your own.”

“But Princess can’t walk anymore.”

“If you can’t walk, then you don’t get to eat.”


“Shut up.”

Greedy Wolf could feel a headache coming. He started to regret this a little. He shouldn’t have been nice to this little girl and should have just maintained his aloofness.

He continued walking but Kye didn’t budge. When she saw that Greedy Wolf was ignoring her, she pouted and looked more and more miserable. She looked like she was about to cry.

She wrung her little hands and didn’t know where to put them as she just kept staring at Greedy Wolf.

Greedy Wolf turned and frowned. “Are you coming or not?” His voice was louder now, and clearly getting impatient.

Kye shuddered at his shout and looked even more miserable than before. She walked obediently with her head bowed and didn’t say anything. The way she looked made Greedy Wolf feel that tinge of guilt inside.

It was as if shouting at her was a very mean thing to do!

Greedy Wolf opened his mouth but Kye ignored him and just trudged past him with her head bowed. Her small figure made her look so pitiful and sad.

“Get on my back.” Greedy Wolf didn’t know what to do anymore.

This was the first time he felt like his emotions were being controlled by someone else. Was this happening just because Kye had looked at him once?

But he was the one who had double pupils!

His eyes were his best weapon, but after Kye looked at them, he changed his mind without even understanding why he just did that himself.

“Really?” Kye turned to look at Greedy Wolf. “Did I make you unhappy, Uncle?”

“I will walk by myself, but you really need to give me food to eat. Princess is really very hungry.”

“If Princess doesn’t eat, I won’t grow tall and won’t become pretty. That’s what Mummy said. Princess must eat.”

“Yes, there’s food to eat.” Greedy Wolf felt his mind go blank and felt a little helpless. Also, he strangely felt…a little happy too.

He squatted down after saying that. He remained expressionless, but once Kye saw that he had squatted down, she practically flew over, got onto his back and threw her arms round his neck.

“Uncle, I’m all ready! Ready for takeoff!”

Greedy Wolf didn’t say anything. He felt that he shouldn’t play along with Kye, otherwise she might step all over him.


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