Billionaire God of War Chapter 2380

Chapter 2380

Darius didn’t trust any of these people. Even though he said that he would work with them, he had already made other plans.

Once he achieved his goal, all these people had to be wiped out.

The Underworld would belong to only one person, and that was himself.

Every single one of them had their own secret ambitions after all.

When Darius said he was going to fetch Ethan, the 9th Court Chief, Juan, stood up immediately.

“I’d better see to this. You’re the leader and you need to gather everyone together. Everyone needs to follow your instructions,” Juan looked at the rest and said calmly, “so I’ll see to this small matter, no need to trouble you.”

Some of the others had wanted to say the same thing but they were too late, so they kept quiet.

This was a good deal, after all. Anybody who could get into contact with Ethan first received a great opportunity. If Ethan ended up owing him a favor, then they could make use of him in the future.

Darius nodded and smiled brightly, “Since you’re willing to do this, then that’s great. Everyone else, go get ready. Besides those Court Chiefs who are just sitting on the fence, all of us here must unite as one. I hope you all understand this.”

Everyone nodded.

After he dismissed everyone, Darius called out to Vinny as he walked away, “Are you hiding something from us?”

Darius had purposely said ‘us’ instead of ‘me’, because he wanted to remind Vinny that he should not be doing anything he ought not to be doing. They were all in the same boat now, so once anything went wrong, all of them were going to die.

Nobody believed that Greedy Wolf would be so kind as to let any of them off, especially since they were guilty of betraying him.

Vinny glanced at him. “What do you think I could be hiding from all of you?”

He had been the one who led Darius to the geomantic compass. If he wanted to do anything secretly, he would have taken the geomantic compass himself. Why let Darius take all the credit?

“Don’t forget, I was the one who brought you to that geomantic compass. You’re the leader and everyone listens to you. You ought to be thanking me,” said Vinny directly.

“Hoho,” Darius laughed. “You’re right, I ought to be thanking you. That’s why I’ve trusted you the most all this time and I’ve treated you as a good work partner, haven’t I?”

“You never trust anyone else and you only trust yourself, so there’s no need to say all this,” said Vinny flatly without holding back. “We’re all just doing what benefits ourselves the most. Saying we’re friends is definitely crossing the line.”

With that, he walked off.

As Darius watched him walk away, he felt more assured instead.

They were the same type of person. They were willing to stoop to anything to achieve what they wanted, but they would never trust in another person easily. They equated their distrust of others to the distrust others had of themselves.

But all of this was just so that they could each get what they wanted.

“Looks like once Greedy Wolf is dead, all these people would be even harder to deal with.”

An icy look emanated from Darius’s eyes.


Juan brought some of his trusted men towards the door of the Underworld.

He had received intel that Ethan was right outside the door. His mission was to let Ethan in and use Ethan to kill Greedy Wolf!

It didn’t matter if they both died. They didn’t care. As long as Greedy Wolf was dead, they didn’t fear anyone else.

Meanwhile, at the intersection outside the door to the Underworld.

Ethan was still seated cross legged as his hands drew more and more formation lines. They glowed brightly, causing his surroundings to light up.

Seeing such a scene at night was rather terrifying.

“Open!” Ethan suddenly shouted out loud. A hole appeared in the ground and a golden light shone from beneath.

Peter Pan said, “The door’s open!”

Ethan was indeed formidable. He had actually managed to decode the formation lines pattern required to open the door to the Underworld in such a short time. This level of ability was shocking.

Once the door was opened, Ethan didn’t hesitate. He dashed in immediately with Peter Pan.


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