Billionaire God of War Chapter 2381

Chapter 2381

At the same time, Juan had just reached the door. Before he could open it, a golden glow filled the air. Ethan and Peter Pan walked right in.

He was a little surprised to see someone else walk in from outside. He immediately shouted, “Who are you?”

Besides the Court Chiefs of the Underworld, not many knew how to open this door at all. He didn’t think Ethan was smart enough to know how to open it.

Were there others with the key to the Underworld as well?

Ethan’s expression instantly turned cold as he noticed several people marching towards him.

“I’m asking you, who are you?” Juan bellowed, “Do you know what place this is?”

“This is the Underworld, right?” said Ethan.

“That is correct.” Juan was shocked and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you Ethan?”

“Yes, I am.” Ethan glanced at Juan. He was surprised that this person knew his name. These people must have been waiting for him all this time.

They had figured that he would definitely come here. This was indeed their plan after all.

They had purposely captured Kye to lure him into the Underworld!

“I’m here to wait for you.” Juan had to suppress the shock in his heart. He couldn’t understand how Ethan had entered the Underworld. He simply couldn’t believe that Ethan could have actually relied on his own ability to open the door to the Underworld.

“Waiting for me?” Ethan sneered and glanced at Juan and his men. “Why are you waiting for me? You’ve captured my daughter and now you’re saying you’re waiting for me? Do you take me as a fool?”

Ethan unleashed the aura within him and it became more powerful and violent. Ever since that day he sat on the Dragon Throne in the Heavenly Palace, this was the first time he was actually unleashing his inner aura. It was so powerful that even Peter Pan was shocked.

Juan and his men were even more wary now.

“What are you trying to do?!” he said quickly. “I’m here to help you save her!”

Ethan immediately threw a punch out violently.

Save her?

Help him to save her?

Did these people really think he was an idiot?

He didn’t bother wasting time talking to these people. He threw out a solid punch that shook the entire place. The destructive power of his punch was enough to shock everyone.

Juan was alarmed. “What are you doing?!”

He didn’t expect to run into such a furious Ethan who started an attack the minute he got angry. He also didn’t expect Ethan to be this terrifyingly powerful either.

He gave a shout as Ethan attacked, and the four men behind him rushed out immediately.

“How dare you try to attack the Court Chief!” All four of them dashed out with great fanfare. This was where they lived, and the person they were protecting was their Court Chief. They weren’t going to allow anybody to make trouble for their Court Chief!

Four of them threw all eight fists they had towards Ethan, but Ethan didn’t even care about them.

His fist continued to propel forward. That one punch could break through anything!

There was a terrible blast as the violent impact of the punch sent all four of them flying out and crashing onto the floor. They stopped breathing immediately and died tragically.

Juan’s expression paled. This man was really powerful.

No wonder Darius said that only Ethan could do something about Greedy Wolf. This man was probably even more powerful than Greedy Wolf was.

“Wait!” shouted Juan anxiously.

But Ethan didn’t care at all.

These people had captured his daughter and still dared to say that they were trying to help him?

Such people ought to die!

His Extreme Fist Technique was pushed to its maximum potential, causing white streaks to seep from the center of Ethan’s fist. It turned into a storm in an instant, creating a tremendous amount of pressure that came crashing down directly onto Juan.

Juan paled terribly. He felt as though something had suddenly weighed heavily on himself. He could see Ethan’s fist coming for him, but he couldn’t move at all.

“Stop! Stop!” he started yelling in panic. He was utterly terrified. Where was this Ethan from? How was he terrifying to this extent?

But Ethan ignored his cries. He threw that powerful punch straight at him.

Yet another blast resounded. Juan had no chance to defend himself as he was sent flying out. His ribs cracked loudly and broke at every inch, sinking in completely.

“Ahhhh!” he howled miserably. He never thought that he would be killed with one blow by an ordinary man!


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