Billionaire God of War Chapter 2385

Chapter 2385

When the soul of the Demon King that was buried deep in the body saw that the Eye of the Spring he had been looking for was right in front of him, he couldn’t hold himself back at all.

This was exactly the moment he had been waiting for!

Even Greedy Wolf wasn’t powerful enough to hold the Demon King down.

Greedy Wolf made an attack. The Demon King’s consciousness was controlling his body, making him deliver fatal blows.

Celaine tried to be as careful as she could, but she had Kye in one hand, so she couldn’t fight Greedy Wolf head on. It didn’t take much for her to end up getting forced backwards.

He then blocked her way again. Trying to escape him was too difficult.

“I’ll stall him, you must run as quickly as possible!” Celaine turned to look at Kye. “You have my pendant on you, do not take it off no matter what!”

As long as the little girl got away from Greedy Wolf, the rest of the people in the Underworld would find it difficult to hurt her.

She put Kye down, then turned to dash towards Greedy Wolf. Kye had no idea what was happening, and didn’t understand why Celaine was suddenly fighting with Greedy Wolf now.

She felt a little afraid when she saw Greedy Wolf’s eyes.

“Uncle, what’s wrong with you?” she called out loudly.

But Greedy Wolf didn’t answer her.

“Hurry up and run!”

Celaine clasped her hands together and caused a powerful energy to surge through her. It had been so many years since she last used all the energy within her.

She didn’t expect her first fight in many years to actually be a showdown with Greedy Wolf.

Kye sensed that something wasn’t right. She started running a little fearfully and turned back to look from time to time. She was really scared and confused.

There was a loud blast as Celaine groaned and flew out. She slid a few dozen meters across the floor before she came to a stop.

Blood dribbled down her lips and her expression was calm, but there was terror in her eyes. “What a frightening amount of power.”

Greedy Wolf was now the combined powers of both Greedy Wolf and the Demon King, so they were way stronger than she was. There was no way she would win him in a fight.

He didn’t care about her and didn’t care if she lived or died. He looked up to see that Kye had made it some distance away. So he dashed over, and stood in Kye’s way in an instant.

“Uncle?” Kye stopped and stared at Greedy Wolf as she asked cautiously, “Are you going to kill me?”

Greedy Wolf narrowed his eyes and the look in his eyes kept changing. When he heard her call him ‘Uncle’, it seemed as though Greedy Wolf’s consciousness had been awakened.

His head was trembling slightly as the two consciousness fought inside for control over the body.

It looked fairly creepy.

“The Eye of the Spring,” Greedy Wolf’s voice was raspy. “I must get my hands on it.”

This voice belonged to the Demon King.

His eyes turned cold again as he reached a hand out to grab hold of Kye. Kye couldn’t move at all.

All of a sudden, a violent presence attacked him, pouring down from the skies in torrents.

Greedy Wolf turned with a start to meet with a pair of eyes that was practically spewing fire and screaming murder.

It was Ethan!

Greedy Wolf raised his hand and it collided hard with Ethan’s fist. A loud blast ensued as Greedy Wolf was forced backwards. He got rid of the impact from the blow and his double pupils stared at Ethan with a tinge of surprise.

“What an amazing amount of strength. This boxing technique…”

Ethan ignored him and quickly scooped Kye up in his arms. If he had come one second later, Kye would have been in grave danger!

“Daddy!” Kye couldn’t help but cry. She was really terrified and clung on tightly to Ethan’s neck. “Daddy, I’m scared!”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, Daddy is here, don’t be scared,” Ethan consoled her gently.

“Princess!” Peter Pan had been a little slower than Ethan, but he had tried his best to get here as quickly as possible. There was a man in his hands, who was a subordinate that told them where Greedy Wolf was.

He flung the man aside and rushed over to Kye. His heart broke when he saw that Kye was crying.

“Greedy Wolf!” Peter Pan started yelling in anger. “Damn you! How dare you bully my disciple!”

His eyes were spewing fire and his entire body was giving out murderous vibes.

“He’s not Greedy Wolf.” Celaine stood up, took a deep breath and wiped the blood on her mouth away. “His body is now being controlled by the Demon King!”


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