Billionaire God of War Chapter 2386

Chapter 2386

Clearly, the person before them was no longer Greedy Wolf.

With her unique intuition, Celaine was able to immediately sense that Greedy Wolf’s body had been possessed, and the one controlling his consciousness at present was none other than a remnant of Demon King’s soul!

Even if it’s just a glimmer of it, they were wary now for it was bolstered by the presence of a physical body. They had to because it belonged to Greedy Wolf!

“I’ll not let off anyone who bullies my disciple, no matter who that may be!” Peter Pan roared. He was about to engage when he found himself held back by Ethan.

“Protect Princess.” Ethan then met his eyes. “Allow me to deal with this fellow.”

The moment his voice trailed off, Ethan spurred into action, and almost too quickly, he was upon Greedy Wolf with a single tap of his toes.

His trailing silhouette conjured up a storm, and in tandem with it, came the most deafening tempest that ripped through the air that trailed in his wake.


A punch!

Ethan struck out a mighty blow, channeling the awesome power of the Extreme Fist Technique. The astonishing fury that churned between his closed fingers manifested as beams of hot white light concealed within.

Greedy Wolf snorted and raised a fist in response, and the two men met each other head-on!

A tremendous boom ensued, sending both Ethan and Greedy Wolf shuffling backward. There was to be no let-up from Ethan who charged forward once more without waiting for Greedy Wolf to recover his footing.

His fists pummeled mercilessly like the rain, one blow after another and almost seemingly tirelessly.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Nothing else was audible while the area reverberated with the sound of those unrelenting blows.

The murderousness which burned within the eyes of the expressionless Ethan that fixated upon Greedy Wolf seemingly took on a life of its own.

This was the first time he had ever fully utilized the full potency of his Extreme Fist Technique. The energy that welled from his dantian seemed almost inexhaustible and grew in intensity like the rising tide with each passing moment of his onslaught.

Celaine looked mesmerized in that fleeting instant. The outline of Ethan’s back had evoked an awful sense of deja-vu in her.

“Broken Soldier?

Her voice shuddered. But she was able to recompose herself very quickly as she knew that the man before her was not Broken Soldier, and could not possibly have been him. However, his domineering brashness was indeed reminiscent of that which Broken Soldier characteristically possessed.

“How could you, a mere mortal, ever think that you are capable of slaying me?” Greedy Wolf roared as his piercing gaze threatened to rend through Ethan.

With his eyes locked onto Ethan’s fist, he could visually track their movements and read the paths of the latter’s attacks. In spite of that, he was only able to stay just marginally ahead as Ethan’s attacks were nevertheless awe-inspiring.

Anyone lesser would have been taken out by a counterattack outright by this time already, but not Ethan.

Undeterred by such considerations, he kept up his pace and maintained it at a high level while his punches were sent whizzing through the air.

It was as if he did not care whether Greedy Wolf could anticipate his moves and might be able to counter them, he was driven by a singular intent— to hammer home the message that he would kill anyone who dared harm his own daughter, even if it be the Demon King himself!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An epic battle ensued between Ethan and Greedy Wolf who went at each other with reckless abandon. Such was the blistering speed at which they engaged each other that no ordinary person could have been able to keep up with how the action unfolded.

As his opponent at this moment was Greedy Wolf, even Peter Pan had to marvel at the might Ethan possessed for that sliver of the Demon King’s soul in Greedy Wolf must surely have made this engagement a considerably more arduous undertaking!

As things stood, Ethan was able to continue keeping Greedy Wolf on the back foot, with his opponent only able to concentrate on fending off his assault without getting any chance to fight back.


Ethan abruptly picked up his pace with a shout, much to Greedy Wolf’s astonishment.

Under the impression that what had preceded was already Ethan’s upper limit, it did not occur to him that Ethan could be holding back. This sudden burst of speed took him off guard, and his own tentative response saw him take a direct hit in the form of a heavy blow that landed squarely upon his chest which sent him hurtling away.


Greedy Wolf crashed into and knocked over rock and rubble with a resounding bang before rolling over several times across the ground. Though a little ragged, he was able to recover back onto his feet fairly quickly.

Those deep-set eyes of his were bereft of emotions as they glared at Ethan.

That was when Ethan knew that that was not Greedy Wolf himself because had it been the latter, he would have been at the minimum, enraged, whereas the one before him was as frigid and detached as a machine.


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